The Spyglass Literary Site


The Spyglass Literary Site started as a personal blog site in 2014, featuring only the administrator’s creative works when and only if he feels like writing. However, a couple of years, it stopped from being just a personal hobby to an advanced platform, under the group name “The Spyglass Initiatives”, for young and upcoming creative writers to express themselves.

Originally, the vision of Spyglass has always been to help people see life beyond the ordinary. This is so because the founder believes that creative writers are one special set of people who see life differently from the ordinary views of ordinary people. A true creative writer sees life in a dimension that only the individual understands, and subconsciously, he/she develops a connection to that view of life peculiar to him/her…a connection that may not exist with the ordinary individual. Most times, the creative writer is so attached to that alternate world he/she created that the individual lives in it while still in the real world. This sometimes explains the weird behaviors of some of the world’s greatest writers.

Of course, the writer’s peculiar view of life/alternate world is usually more interesting and intriguing than the normal life. So, it depends on the humanitarian creative writer to help ordinary individuals have a glimpse of this extra-ordinary world they have created in the realms of their wild imaginations. Hence, the eventual advancement of the Spyglass Literary Site – to help creative writers show ordinary people their own perspectives of the world we all live in. And in doing that, life gets more interesting and truly multi-dimensional for everyone, to such extent that our ways of interacting with the world around us becomes more effective and fulfilling.

Also, one of the desires of Spyglass is to create a platform for young and upcoming writers to express themselves and in doing so, to reawaken the desires for raw creativity in not only writers but also normal people.

The utmost vision of Spyglass is to become the nation’s foremost literary website in the not-so-distant future.