Praises In Our Mother Tongue – Èrùjèjè L’étí Òkun Pupa!




The potency of Your might,
Has taken over my thoughts,
As I saw what You did,
The last time You rose from Your throne,
To crush the gathering of wickedness.

The sounds of Your footsteps alone,
As it struck permanent terror,
Into the hearts of the hosts of evil,
Still echoes down the canals of my eardrums.

I was there, when Your breath alone,
Became the white fire that burnt down,
The schemes of their unclean minds.

Eh! Èrùjèjè L’étí Òkun Pupa,
I saw You walk on PRAISES,
And breaking the heads of dragons in the waters!


#Èrùjèjè means Overwhelming Terror.



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