Letter to Heaven: Marriage Matters



Dear Daddy (God),


How’re you?
How’s the administration of heaven and earth going?
I hope Big Brother Jesus delivered my message to you? Well…I know he’s not that forgetful. So, if he did, you should know I’m still waiting for your reply.
And I hope the angels are praising you well enough? If not, you can tell me to come up there and teach them how to serve you overflowing praises. It would be my utmost pleasure.

So, this time, my request is simple…in fact, too simple that all you have to do is to send Angel Gabriel to do it on your behalf. I don’t want to stress you at all…since you really don’t have to do it yourself. But, if you feel it’s important enough to take you off your throne, then, I’ll leave things to your excellent judgement.

I’ll be getting married in some years. It’s still very far away of course, but I don’t think it’s too early to start telling you about it. So, I want my marriage to be such that, if after years of staying together, and my wife is asked “How would you describe your husband?”; she wouldn’t think twice before replying “It’s as if God himself took the form of a man and married me!”
Also, if my kids are asked the same question too, they would puff out their chest and proudly declare “You know, they say God is a father, uh? Well, I think he lives in our house!”

Now, I know that’s not too difficult for you to do. In fact, I believe you’ve done it already. Yeah, that is how fast you are! You’re my Superman! I know you delight in every little details of my life, so I won’t shy away from telling you every(any)thing.

P.S.: My bank account must not run dry. I think you should remind the Angel in charge of money to do his job.

Thanks Daddy!

I love you.


Yours with all Sincerity,

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