Meet the Spyglass (Himself)!


Spyglass’ legal names are Emmanuel Adesanya.

He is currently student of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he majors in Online Media and Publicity, Copy Writing and Editing, Advertising and Book Publishing.

He is an avid reader who spends a lot of time and resources consuming books, albeit non-academic ones, just for the fun of it.

He is also a passionate poet who pours all his emotions into every word of every line of every poem he writes, and a talented story teller whose wild imaginations help to make his short stories realistically unique.

When Spyglass is not reading and writing, he is either listening to music, mostly gospel (Hillsong) or hanging out with close friends.

He believes every soul has its own distinct voice and that everyone lives through life trying to find the right opportunity and the best way to magnify their voice and make it known to the entire world. His own way of magnifying his voice is through writing down his thoughts and perceptions of the world he lives in, for others to read and see the same world through his own eyes and mind, albeit from a new perspective entirely.

His utmost desire is to see people, through his creative works and that of his like-minded colleagues, reawaken the desires in them for raw creativity.

He is the Leader of the SpyFour, the administrative team of the Spyglass Initiatives and a role model and mentor to many young and upcoming intellectuals like him.

He’s a lover of God and a die-hard moralist. He’s passionate about building lives to align with God’s purpose for their creation.

Finally, he could be weird and full of positive mischief.

…and Yes! No one hates Mathematics like he does!

You may reach him through:

Whatsapp/Telegram/Text/Call: 07033052466


Facebook: Adesanya Olufunbi Emmanuel

Twitter: @Mcdarlor

Instagram: @Mcdarlor_official