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What started as a mere hobby a couple of years ago is fast growing to become a renowned literary entity and one of the foremost promoters of raw literary works.

The Spyglass Initiatives is the group name of four literary establishments namely:

Destined Motion Pictures,

Spyglass Online Ad Forum,

Spyglass Writers Club and

the Spyglass Literary Blog.


The Spyglass Initiatives, most especially the Spyglass Writers Club, is a family of talented writers who go against the writing norms to create wonderful literary pieces. These set of writers are determined to magnify their own voices to the world; to be the voices of the silent masses and to help others see life beyond the ordinary.


The Spyglass Initiatives was established to reawaken the desires for raw creativity in people.

This explains our goal which is to give the best of the literary world to people and the mission which is to help others, through the tips of our pens, see life beyond the ordinary.


The Spyglass Initiatives, most especially the Writers Club and Blog is always active. This is so in order to make access to the literary treasures we’re creating easy.

The Spyglass Initiatives is not limited by time. In fact, time to us is a horse back on which we climb to get to our destinations faster. This also explains our Vision which is to be the nation’s foremost literary establishment in the not-so-distant future.


Another uniqueness of the Spyglass Initiatives is that it is not bound by space either.

We believe that the world is already a global village and the internet has unlimited space to work on. This is why most of our operations happen online via the Spyglass Literary Blog, SOWC Whatsapp group and Facebook.

However, there are plans of having a geographical location, details of which will be broadcast subsequently.


The Spyglass Initiatives as a family meet online every minute of every day to fasten our bond together as a social, academic and literary group. Also, there we discuss issues relating to the literary world and we write and submit works which are published on the blog and our other social media platforms.

Also, plans are on ground to start making periodic electronic anthologies of poems that will enjoy a wide distribution.

We, at the Spyglass Initiatives, are accommodating and we welcome any interest of membership. We look forward to having you amidst us.