A step,
After another…

The wind,
Howls past your ears;
The world,
Races past your eyes;
Your heart,
Beats faster than your legs;
Your mouth,
Opens to let your strength out;
Your soul,
Screams for a release;
Your fears,
Singing in your mind;
Your battles,
Raging in your thoughts;
Your demons,
Catching up with you;
Your will,
Dying by the seconds;
Your hope,
Lagging rapidly behind;
Your legs,
Falling tired and failing…

Love awaits…at Peace’s Haven;
With an army at His back;
You to come running into His arms;
While His army fight your battles;
You on its wings to the palace of Rest;
You to stop running;
Your race is over.
4:17pm; Aug. 19.
Home, Ibadan.


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