It’s no use pretending we don’t know a thing about it. I’m not going to. Sex is really sweet. I know it. My knowledge however is basically theoretical, not pragmatic. I’ve read books, articles and posts attesting to this fact. And when the time comes to legally engage in it, believe me, we’ll all love it. I’m sure of that too. Why? God is it’s architect. And nothing God creates will give anything short of pleasures to us!

For someone like me who feels more comfortable among people of the opposite gender than same gender, the temptation to practicalize my knowledge is often overwhelming.
Now, the reason why I don’t do it is not because I’m afraid, neither is it because I’ve not had the chance, nor is it because I dread sinning against God. After all, He is merciful and He’ll always forgive me.
The reason for my sexual fast is because of my knowledge of the serious spiritual covenant embedded in the very act and the extreme repercussions of violating this covenant.

Sex is basically a covenant of sweat, blood and the bodies and souls involved in it. It goes beyond that “heavenly” feeling that lasts throughout the act and it is way beyond the physical relief derived at its end.
Sex ties souls together. It effects a sharing of virtues, vices, rewards and curses between the souls involved in the act. Sex comforts and pleasures the individuals involved in it. But beyond this, it also bonds destinies together with a psycho-spiritual cord that can hardly be severed. This is why God designed it to be within the confines of a legal matrimony.

So, if you are not married to one partner legally and you already know the pleasures of being sexually active, then, I’m afraid, you’ve made a serious mistake.
This is why: for every soul that you’ve had a sexual bonding with, you’ve given/inherited an approximated half of your/their virtues and vices. You have lost parts of yourself, in that person, that you might never find again and vice versa.
If you end up not getting married to that person, then you’ve set a foundation for a rocky marital future with the “unfortunate” soul you’ll eventually be joined with. Not fair! Is it? Even if, by a fortunate act of fate, you get married to the person, the fact that you had both engaged in sexual acts before you were both rightly joined together still attracts some natural repercussions.

And one more thing you should know about sex is this: it can be addictive, especially if it’s outside the walls of marriage. Outside marriage, sex is like sweet poison. Once you’ve started it, it’s usually very hard to stop it until something very life-threatening happens.

Okay, let’s assume that you can find ways of avoiding the physical and spiritual repercussions of violating the covenant of sex, how do you intend to close up the windows you’ve opened to allow in emotional and psychological invasions in your life and marriage, before too much damages are done to them?

Yes! As a believer, the blood of Christ washes everything away, but a natural principle still remains – a sinner will not go unpunished. Your punishment might not be spiritual, Christ has paid for that. However, natural repercussions are bound to take effect. There is no escaping them. This is probably why the Bible reiterates that a fornicator sins against his/her own body.

Beyond the sweetness of sex lie spiritual, emotional and psychological implications that only the sacred walls of marriage can contain.

So, as a single individual, the easiest way to avoid these implications?

Abstinence! Simple!

It is never too late to start even if you think you’ve gone too deep.


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