photogrid_1478488248074Episode Three

Part Three

Woo Jin’s office.

“Congratulations!” Ji ha shouted as she placed a box on his table immediately they entered his office.

“What’s that?” Woo jin asked.

“I heard you got promoted as the Team leader, so I came to congratulate you.” She explained smiling. “I brought soup for you too.”

“To congratulate me?” he asked looking at what was on his table.

“Yes!” she replied still smiling.

“How did you know so fast enough to bring me something? Those that are close to me are not yet aware apart from my juniors. We’re not that close yet and besides, I just got promoted this morning.”

“Is that so?”

Folding his arms, he sat back resting his back on his chair. “You didn’t bring that to congratulate me right?”

Clearing her throat, she drew the chair in front of her closer and sat down facing him. “You’re very fast in catching up with things. Squad lea….ani… leader Woo jin.”

“What is it?”

“I just need a small favor from you.”

“Which is?”

She hesitated and then sighed, “Harry’s number.”


Ji ha’s apartment

Pacing back and forth in front of her apartment, she held her phone tightly like she was expecting a call. Sighing, she glanced at Harry’s apartment. Ever since he moved into that apartment, she had gone to her parent house as she could not imagine having a male as her neighbor. The only guy she had ever lived with was Ji soo, her brother and when Harry had promised not to move out, she had left. However, she was someone that worries a lot about people she knows, whether she’s close with them or not. She wasn’t really close with Harry and neither did she like him, but seeing that he didn’t show up at work despite the fact that he always had nothing to do, she felt worried. Turning her phone on, she scrolled through her contacts and stopped when she saw the contact she saved as ‘Rude Hoobae’, the one Woo jin gave her that night. She hesitated before dialing the number. Few seconds later, the receiver picked up and she froze. Before he could talk, she hung up.

In her entire life, she had never been the first to call a guy apart from her brother and trying to call Harry that moment felt awkward. Since it was just to ask why he didn’t come to work that day, she summoned the courage to call him again and this time she decided not to hang up immediately like the first.

“Hello.” She heard Harry’s voice. “Is anyone there?”

“Harry.” She called and paused.

“Han Ji ha?” he guessed making her surprised at how he was able to guess who it was with just one word. “Ji ha is that you?”

Clearing her throat, she placed the phone in her left ear. “Ya! What Ji ha. How can you call me that? It’s Sunbae. Ji ha Sunbae.”

She heard a faint laugh from the other end.

“Sunbae? Why would I call you that? We’re not at work.” He replied.

“Tch, like you call me sunbae at work.”

“Is this your number?”


“How did you get my number?”

“From Detective Park.”



“Why are you calling me?”

The question came all of a sudden making Ji ha pause. It wasn’t like she didn’t have a reason for calling him, but the fact that he asked her before she told him made her feel somehow.

“You….are you waiting for me?” came another blunt question from him making her open her eyes in surprise.

“Ya! Why would I? Why would I wait for you?”

“Are you sure you’re not waiting for me?” He asked again.

“I’m not!”

“Why are you standing outside my apartment then?”

Ji ha scoffed. She was few steps away from his apartment, true, but that doesn’t mean she was waiting for him, she was also in front of her apartment.

“The fact that I’m standing in front of your apartment doesn’t mean I’m waiting for you, besides, I’m standing in front of my apartment, not yours.”

“I never said you were standing in front of my apartment, I said you’re standing outside. You could as well be inside your room while calling.”

“Still, that doesn’t mean I’m wai….” Just then, she paused as she thought about it. “How….how did you know?”

Turning back, her hand went down slowly as she saw him walking towards her from a short distance. Stopping right in front of her, he smiled.

“So, were you waiting for me?” He asked her smiling.


“Was that why you called?”


“You keep on saying ‘ya’, so I’ll take that as a yes. You were waiting for me.”

“Ya! How can you jump to that conclusion! You didn’t come to work today and I was chosen as the representative to call you. Seung ho sunbae asked me to call you as your senior, that was why I called you.”

“Ah, is that so?”

“Wae? You thought it was something else? We only wanted to know why you didn’t show up today without telling anybody.”

“I went somewhere and I went to the hospital to check….”

“Hospital?” she interrupted. “Why did you go to the hospital?” she asked concerned. “Did you hurt yourself? Are you sick?”

“Ani. I had something to take care of and I went to see someone.”

Sighing, she calmed down. “You should complete your statement when talking. You’ll make people get worried unnecessarily.”

“You didn’t allow me complete my statement before you interrupted. Also, about not telling anyone, I told Seung ho sunbae about it this morning and it is funny how he still had to pick a representative to call me to ask why I was absent, don’t you think?”

Clearing her throat, Ji ha adjusted her standing position. “I was worried and Ye jun asked me to call you.” She confessed. “But it’s because I’m your sunbae!”

Harry smiled. “Whichever way, you called me on your own. Let’s take a walk.” He suggested and turned back.

“Is that something to brag about?” she asked as she followed him.

“It isn’t, but it’s the first time a lady would be calling me first.”


“Yeah. Asides from my sister.”

“It’s the first time I would be calling a guy apart from my brother too. You have a sister?” she asked and he nodded. “Wow. Is she in the country?”

“Uhn. You’ll probably meet with her later, but not anytime soon.”

“Hmmm, okay. So, are you saying you didn’t have a girlfriend in the states?”

“I did.”

“How come she never called you?”

“We didn’t date for long.”

“Wae? Because she was an American?”

“No. How can you ask a question and answer it yourself at the same time? It was because I offended her.”

“You offended her? How?”

Pausing, he stopped to look at her. “You seem to be curious and interested in my personal life. Why?” he asked as he continued walking while she followed.

“Usually, I tend to be curious, but right now, I’m just making up a conversation. You can ask me any question you wish to ask too. It’s just to make sure we talk while we walk. So how did you offend her? Did you cheat on her? I heard Americans are always particular about their boyfriends cheating on them.”

“Again. You’re asking and answering. I didn’t cheat on her.”

“Really? Then what could have been more than that that made you two break up.”

“It wasn’t a great offence actually. I was just three days late for her birthday.”

Ji ha stopped in her tracks and gave him a surprised look as if she was asking him to repeat what he said. “Eh? Just three days late? For a birthday? That’s worse than cheating! You practically forgot her birthday! How can you forget your girlfriend’s birthday! You’re really weird for a guy.”

‘It wasn’t entirely my fault.” He defended and just then, it started drizzling.

“Oh!” Ji ha noticed. “It’s drizzling.” She told him.

Seeing they couldn’t turn back as they were already far away from their apartment, they hurried to the closest bus terminal and entered the shade where they stood watching the drizzling became a heavy downpour of rain. Ji ha was used to being caught out in the rain and because of this, she took her raincoat out with her, but seeing she didn’t have a spare one to give Harry, she decided not to take it out. While the rain fell, Harry had a brief flashback of his younger days with Hye jin.


“Will you go in with me or wait here with me?” she asked him smiling.

Sighing, he turned to look at the rain that was falling.

“I’ll go.” He replied and immediately, she grabbed his hand. “One, two, three, go!” she shouted as she ran into the rain with him.

“Ya! Hye jin!” he called as he followed her having no other choice. “You’ll get wet!”

“I didn’t force you to join me!” she shouted so he could hear as she danced in the rain.

“Why do you like playing and dancing in the rain like this? Especially when we’re together!”

“Just because!”

“What’s the point of playing and dancing in the rain when you’ll catch a cold later when the rain stops?”

“It’s fun! My grandmother use to tell me this before she died. You don’t have to wait for the storm to pass when you can actually dance in the rain!”

Sighing, he shook his head. “When I say you think and act childish, you always prove me right. She didn’t tell you that for you to practically dance in the rain! It has a literary meaning!”

“I know! But still it’s fun!”

“It doesn’t look like this rain is going to stop anytime soon.” Ji ha told him bringing him back to the present. For a moment, he was smiling while thinking about his flashback with Hye jin and when Ji ha talked, he controlled himself as he watched her step forward, stretching her hand into the rain.

“Should we dance in the rain instead of waiting?” she asked and for a moment, Harry kept quiet as he fixed a stern gaze at her although she was backing him.

“Do you also dance in the rain?” he asked her.

“I do, when I’m with someone.”


“Just because….” She paused and stretched her other hand smiling. “….it’s fun. Playing in the rain is fun when you’re with someone, especially someone you’re close with.”

“But do you think of the consequence?”

“Cold?” she laughed. “I catch cold while waiting outside for the rain to stop and also while playing in the rain. It’s the same for both. There’s this saying that you don’t have to wait for the storm to pass when you can actually dance in the rain. Well….it has a literary meaning, but at the same time, the practical aspect of it is not that bad.”

Why does she sound so much like her? He asked himself as he moved closer to her. He must have been thinking about her too much lately, he concluded.

“So, what are you saying? Are you going in with me or waiting with me?”

He gave a puzzled frown as he thought about Hye jin. Whenever they were caught outside in the rain, she was fond of asking him that same question and his answer had always been ‘going into the rain with her’ even though he never really liked the idea of she crashing after the rain stops. He had always had in mind to go with the second option whenever she asked the next time, but just looking at the smile and excitement she always had on her face at times like that, he had always found it difficult to go with the other option.

His puzzled frown changed all of a sudden when Ji ha turned to look at him smiling as she waited for his answer, and just like Hye jin’s smile always get to him, Ji ha’s was nothing different.

“Let’s go!” he replied as he grabbed her hand as they both entered into the rain together.

Episode Three ends.



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