Part Two

Haewon group

After the general board meeting,  the board of directors dispersed the boardroom Leaving Chairman Lee Sung chul and Joo won together with their secretaries. Chairman Lee’s secretary carried his files on the table while he stood up to leave.

“Chairman Lee!” Joo won called him as he stood up to meet him.

I’m Eun ju, Joo son’s secretary carried Joo wln’s files too and with a wave of hand, Chairman Lee dispersed the two secretaries.

“What is it?” he asked him.

“I was just wondering if you have time to take coffee with me.”

“Joo won, there are more important things to do than sitting down somewhere with a cup of coffee” he replied like he had already prepared his answer before the question came. “Most especially you. The idea you raised today at the meeting was a very nice one. I like that. But don’t just focus alone on the resourses going up. Also think about ways we can satisfy our customers with our services.”

Joo won knew he was talking about the idea he raised during the meeting. If every other member present during the meeting agreed with his point of view,  he knew Chairman Lee would have something against it. He saying he liked it was just his way of trying not to make him feel too bad.

“But,  Abeoji…… ”

“I told you not to call me that when we’re at work” he interrupted him.

“Chairman Lee,” he corrected himself. “Why don’t you ever approve of me?”

“Joo won-ah, you’re my son. Quit having meaningless thoughts and focus on the work you have to do. I didn’t put you as the President of Haewon to act this way. Get your head straight and don’t disappoint me. I’ll get going now. Make sure you attend this evening’s conference.” With that,  he left the boardroom.


Minutes later, Eun joo knocked on Joo won’s door and he asked her to come in. Ever since he left the boardroom, he had been thinking about the short conversation he had with his father, and he couldn’t help but get angry with his father. His mother had always been telling him to get on the good sides of the chairman, but he still doesn’t understand the man even after fifteen years of living together.

“President, I’ve come to remind you about your meeting with Chairman Choi of Gukil Medical. Also, you have a conference this evening.”

“What time is it?” He managed to ask although he wasn’t fully concentrating.

“Your meeting is by 2pm and the conference is by 5pm”

“Okay. You can leave.”

Eun ju was about leaving when she turned back quickly. “Before I forget, Director Jun and Director Min’s inauguration is next week. We have four choices for those that would take care of the catering service. Haemil kitchen, Maria’s restaurant and catering service, Sooni Hawaii Kitchen and De Lux catering services.”

Getting frustrated, Joo won sighed. “Choose any two” he replied sharply

“Okay sir.” She paused as she didn’t know whether to continue with what she had to tell him because he didn’t seem like someone who was in a good mood.

Noticing her, he sighed knowing she still had more information to tell him. “What else?” He asked.

“Your mother asked me to remind you about your lunch date with Chairman Choi’s daughter by 12pm”

“Cancel it. I can’t go on a lunch date with her and then go for a meeting with her father.”

“But President…. ”

“Eun ju,  can you just do what I ask you to do and don’t bother me.”

“Should I get you a cup of coffee?”

Remembering his turned down request of having a drink with the chairman, he slammed his palm on the table and stood up angrily.

“I don’t need it! Cancel the lunch date and start preparing for the meeting!”

Bowing her head, she dropped her hands to her side. That wasn’t the first time he would be shouting at her like that, but she was already so used to him that she didn’t really mind.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized.

“Just go out.” He ordered her and she left.

Immediately she closed the door behind her,  Joo won angrily pushed away the books and files on his table groaning in frustration.

That’s right, he thought, be was just a president of a part of Haewon, not the CEO of Haewon group as a whole.

“If you think I’ll just wait and watch while you assign me to a Presidency post of no importance, then you’re wrong, Chairman Lee. I am your son and your first son at that, Haewon is mine, Haewon group is mine and I won’t stop until I’m able to claim what is mine!”


Gyoengil Police station

Opening the the door, Ji ha peeked in before stepping inside to meet Officer Jin Seo woo who was writing a report.

“Seo woo unni!” Ji ha,called startling her.

“It’s you. How can I help you?” She asked looking up.

Just then, Officer Oh Go byul came downstairs.

“Seo woo, have you….. ” she paused all of a sudden, surprised to see Ji ha. “You come by often these days. Is there someone you’re close with in this station?”

“Not really.” Ji ha replied smiling as she notices her ID card. “Uhn! You’re officer Oh Go byul? Chincha?”

“So what?” Go byul asked as she turned her ID card.

“You’re Sae na’s sister right? Oh Sae na! She talked about having a sister as an officer.  Whoa! I ever knew it was Gyeongil. It’s nice meeting you in person.”

“Are you working in Sooni Hawaii kitchen?”


“Uhn. I see.” Go byul nodded. “So, who did you come to see?”

“I came to see Team leader Woo jin. He ordered for a bowl of jjajamyeon.” She replied and placed a box on the desk.

“When did Sooni Hawaii start delivering jjajamyeon?” Seo woo asked as she continued with the report she was writing.

“It’s not Sooni Hawaii. It’s Ommeonim restaurant. During weekends, I deliver for an old Ajumma. She doesn’t have anyone working for her, so I help her sometimes. Her food really tastes nice and it’s not far from here.”

“Is that so? Woo jin sunbae is not around now. I’ll make sure to give it to him when he gets back.” Go byul told her.

“Are you the one that’s going to pay me?” Ji ha asked faking a smile. Looking up, she saw someone rushing down the stairs and she scoffed as she turned to face Go byul. “I thought you said he’s not around. Who is that coming down the stairs?”

Go byul and Seo woo turned back to look at Woo jin who approached them quickly.

“Go byul, Seo woo,  get detective Man bo, we have a hostage situation!” He told them panting. Seo woo stood up immediately and just then he noticed Ji ha.

“Ji ha sshi. Have you been here for long?”

“Not really.” She replied. “Is anything wrong?”

“Nothing for you to worry about.” He replied as he brought out his wallet and paid her for the delivery. Seo woo came back hurriedly with Detective Joo Man bo.

“Go byul, get the car ready.” Man bo ordered her and she left before he turned to face Woo jin. “What’s the situation like?” Man bo asked him.

“It’s a hostage situation. An old lady is being held hostage in a restaurant. The attacker locked everyone inside and he has a knife with him…. ” he paused and glanced at his jotter. “It’s Ommeonim’s resraurant.”

“Ommeonim’s restaurant?” Ji ha asked alarmed. “I was just coming from that place. Take me with you, please.”


Ommeonim’s restaurant.

Woo jin and his partners got to the scene but were unable to enter because the attacker had locked the door. Ji ha was surprised to see the restaurant ajumma being held as hostage.

“Ajumma!” She shouted before turning to face Woo jin. “Team leader, please do something!”

Woo jin got a speaker from Go byul and cleared his throat.

“What is going on there?! This is the police, take it easy and open the door.” His voice echoed.

Inside, the attacker got angry.

“Who called the police?!” He requested. “I said who called the police?!” He shouted at the customers who were turning their face down. “Are you all deaf?!” He asked as he placed the knife on ajumma’s neck.

“Please, don’t kill me.” She pleaded.

“Do something!” Ji ha pleaded.

Just then, she noticed the other shop beside ommeonim’s restaurant and remembered that their storeroom was linked but separated with just a thin sheet. Quickly, she rushed to find a way to enter.

Woo jin gave the speaker to Man bo to handle it while he decided to go ahead to find a way to enter the restaurant.

“But, Ji ha sshi, I thought you said you know this place well, why don’t you…… ” he stopped as he noticed she was gone. “Where did she go?”

“There!” Go byul pointed as she saw Ji ha tiptoeing behind the attacker inside the restaurant. She immediately took him by the hand and turned it towards his back making the knife drop. He screamed as he fell down. Woo jin and his partners hurried to the scene as one of the customers opened the door for them. Ji ha hurriedly helped Ajumma up.

“Ajumma, are you okay?” She asked.

“Ji ha” she called. “The knife.”

Ji ha turned back immediately and noticed that the attacker was trying to pick up the knife. She streched her hand to reach to it, but he got hold of it before her and in the process of withdrawing her hand, the knife scrapped her arm and just then, Woo jin kicked the knife off the attacker’s hand while Go byul picked up the knife.

“First thing to do to an attacker is to get his weapon in custody.” She told Ji ha as she helped her up. “Are you okay?”

“Thank you. I’m fine.” She replied as she helped ajumma up. “Are you okay, ajumma?” She asked and she nodded.

Woo jin helped the attacker up and handcuffed him before asking Go byul to take him out. Turning to face Ji ha, he noticed her bleeding hand.

Getting outside, he thanked her for helping and she thanked him for getting here quickly.

“Let’s go to the hospital.” He told her.

“For what?” She asked.

“Your hand is bleeding. I know someone at Gukil Medical. She’ll treat it for you.”

“Not there!” Ji ha replied sharply remembering her brother worked there and if he were to see her, he could make a big deal out of it. She smiled to counter the way she spoke to him sharply. “I mean to say it’s not something much. I can just get it treated in a pharmacy.”

“Ji ha?” Someone called and she turned back to face the person only to be shocked.

“Oppa?! What are you doing here?” She asked not expecting to see him there.

“I came to have my lunch here. How about you, are you not supposed to be at work?”

“Well…… the thing is, I…. ” she paused and looked at Woo jin.

“I came to help Ajumma.” She replied quickly.

“What happened? I can see police officers and I can…… ” he stopped as he noticed her bleeding hand. “Ya! Han Ji ha! What happened to your hand.”

“My apologies.” Woo jin spoke. “She was trying to help us and she got…… ”

“Ania!” She interrupted quickly. “It’s nothing much.”

“What do you mean by it’s nothing. Look at your hand.”

“Oppa!” She called not wanting him to treat her like a child especially when people are watching. “Let’s go” she told him.

Bowing to Woo jin, she left with Ji soo. They stopped by a pharmacy store and he helped her treat her hand.

“Why do you always get into trouble?”

“Why do you always come only when I get into trouble. Oppa, are you that less busy? What’s wrong with the hospital cafeteria? Why did you have to come all the way to Ajumma’s restaurant to eat.”

“Are you angry that I came?”

“Ani….. It’s just that your timing was bad. You should have been there when I tackled that man.”

“Was that why you got yourself injured? Ya, Ji ha, be careful okay!”

“Why do you like worrying over nothing?”

“It’s because you always give me things to worry about. When last did you go home?”


‘Nothing, just make sure you visit home regularly. If Mom calls me to tell me it’s really been long since she saw you, you’ll get into trouble with me, arasso?”

“Arasso.” She replied as he put the band-aid on her hand. “Ah! It stings.”

Just then his phone rang. “My lunch break is over.” He told her and stood up. “Don’t get into anymore trouble, okay?”

She nodded and he left. “Aishhhh, chincha!” She exclaimed as she checked her time before racing out.


Sooni Hawaii Kitchen.

“It’s been long since Ji ha left.” Sae na complained. “What do we do if Seung ho sunbae comes back the third time to ask about her?”

“Why are you worrying about that?” Ye Jun asked her as she concentrated with what she was doing. “This is not the first time she would be leaving in the middle if work. She’ll come back soon.”

“Ya, Ye Jun, did she tell you where she was going to?”

“She didn’t. Don’t worry, she’ll come back soon.”

Just then Seung ho came in the third time that very day.

“Where is she?” He asked.

“Sunbae, she’s not yet back.” Sae na replied.

“Arasso, she’s going to get her punishment when she gets back. Listen everyone. Haewon is having an inauguration next week and we were asked to take care of the catering services together with Maria’s restaurant and catering services, so get ready.”

Harry raised his head up at the mention of Haewon but kept quiet.

“Why Maria’s restaurant?” Sae na asked. “Why are they our partner?”

“That’s true.” Ye Jun supported. “Ever since the last Arirang’s competition, I’ve developed this hatred for them.”

“Like there’s something in this world that you like.” Do shik muttered.

“I wasn’t talking you you!” Ye Jun snapped.

“And neither was I.” He returned.

“As for Ji ha….” Seung ho continued. “She’ll have a lot to do on that day as her punishment. Someone had better tell her not to miss it, or else.”

To be continued.


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