Part Three


Checking her time, Ji ha hurried out of the phamarcy so as to get back to Sooni Hawaii.

Joo won’s car got faulty on his way to his meeting with Chairman Choi. He got down from the car and called Eun ju to send a driver to him.

“Where are you?” She asked

He looked round as a puzzled frown showed on his face. “I don’t know.” He replied.

“Ask someone.” She told him

“Arasso. I’ll call you back in a minute.”

He disconnected the line and looked round to see who he could ask. Just then, Ji ha came out of the pharmacy and bumped into him. Her phone fell together with his. Panting, Ji ha picked up his phone, taking it as hers and he picked her phone taking it as his.

“I’m sorry” she apologized. “I’m very sorry”

Both phones rang at the same time and without checking the caller, they both picked. Joo won placed Ji ha’s phone in his left ear and Ji ha did the same.

“Ya! Han Ji ha!” Came Ye jun’s voice. “Are you crazy? When do you plan on getting here!? It’s been hours since you left and Seung ho sunbae is really angry. Harry is sitting here doing nothing, get back here this instant!”

Joo won’s puzzled frown deepened.

“Joo won-ah.” Mi sook’s voice sounded in Ji ha’s ears. “I asked Eun ju to tell you about your date with Chairman Choi’s daughter. She told me you didn’t show up. Why is that?”

“Date?” Ji ha asked as she checked the phone while Joo won did the same. Just then, they both realized they had switched phones and they changed it back quickly to attend to their callers respectively.

“Ya, Ji ha, are you there?”

“Uhn.” She replied. “I’m on my way already.”

“I’ll call you back later.” Joo won told his mother before disconnecting the call.

“Sorry about that.” Ji ha apologized.

“My apologies too. It seemed like you were rushing off to somewhere.”

“That’s right.”

“Can you please tell me where we are?”

“Eh? Are you just coming to Korea?”


“We’re at Gyeonggi-do. This place is a very popular place”

“Is that so. Thank you.”

“Uhn. I’ll get going now.” She bowed and left hurriedly.

Joo won smiled and watched her as she left in a rush before Eun ju’s call distracted him. Getting a hold of himself, he cleared his throat before picking up.


Gukil Medical.

Ji soo went through the file of one of his patient and a knock sounded on the door seconds later.

“Come in.”

A female doctor stepped in and sat down.

“I didn’t ask you to sit yet.” He told her.

“Ah, sorry.” She stood up. “You called for me and I came here as fast as I could.”

“I missed your call. Why did you call me?”

“Ah, about that, I didn’t see you at the cafeteria, that’s why”

“That’s all?” He asked and she nodded.

Ji so scoffed. He had hurried back to the hospital leaving Ji ha at the pharmacy store thinking something urgent came up at work.

“Doctor Lee Ella,” he started. “I know you just got to this hospital, but I’d like you to know you don’t just call your immediate senior like that. I hurried back here thinking it was an emergency.”

“I’m sorry.” She apologized smiling.

“You’re smiling? Did I say anything funny?”

“Ani.” She replied still smiling. “It’s just that I never knew you could rush back here because of the call. I’m sorry.”

He cleared his throat. “I see. Book an OR and get prepared. I have a surgery to perform in the next two hours. You’ll be my assistant. Here, that’s the file of patient Geum So ran. Make sure to get the necessary things needed.”


Sooni Hawaii Kitchen.

Ji ha got to SHK late and was scolded by Ye jun for making her do the work she was supposed to do.

“You said you wouldn’t take long!”

“Biane.” Ji ha apologized. “Where is Seung ho sunbae?”

“He left already. He said to tell you that you’ll do a lot of work at Haewon’s inauguration.”

“Haewon’s inauguration?”

“Uhn. We’ll be partnering with Maria’s restaurant for the catering service.”

“What the…..!” She exclaimed. “Why do I have to do a lot of work for a catering service! That’s not fair! What if I decide to miss it?”

Ye Jun cleared her throat. “As for Ji ha…..she’ll have a lot to do on that day as her punishment. Someone had better tell her not to miss it, or else.” She paused and looked at Ji ha. “That was what he said.”

Groaning, Ji ha opened her locker to change.

“Ji ha” Ye Jun called. “Are you coming with us tonight?”

“For what?”

“Section C is having a noraebang party for their two new members and since Harry just joined us, we decided to join them for the party. Are you coming with us?”

“I’m not.”


“Don’t you know why?”


“I don’t like Harry.”

“It doesn’t mean.”

“It does. Let’s go finish up with the night course.” She replied and walked away.

“What the…. what’s wrong with her.”


Noraebang party.

The party started after the workers of Sooni Hawaii finished that day’s work. They all saw it as a time to enjoy themselves and forget about work. The three newbies were asked to introduce themselves and tell their seniors what they like doing and every funny thing about themselves. They were also asked to sing, dance and drink. The three newbies did what they were asked to do and Harry was the funniest. He had never done something like that before and it was like he was used to it already. He got tired after singing and dancing. Refusing to drink, he was asked to sit down while the other two newbies were asked to do some other things.

After watching them for a while, Ji ha stood up.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to come.” Ye jun teased her.

“Tch. Are you just seeing me now? You had better not drink much tonight and go home early.”

“Yes, ma!” She saluted and smiled. “Are you going now?”


“Call me when you get home.”


She picked up her bag and was about leaving when Harry spotted her.

“Where are you going to?” He asked her.


“Let’s leave together. I was about going home too.”


Admiring the street lights and buildings in the neighbourhood, Ji ha walked to her apartment with Harry.

“Is this how you walk to your apartment every night?” Harry asked her.

“Uhn” she replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Just…..the idea of you walking down here alone at night seems crazy to me. ”

“Is that so? Well, I’m used to it already.”

“I see. Your brother doesn’t seem friendly.”

“Ah,  why are you bringing him up now?”

“I remembered, that’s why.” He paused and looked at her bandaged hand. “Where did you go to all afternoon? Did you get into a fight with someone?”


He raised her arm up startling her.

“Ya! What are you doing?”

“Why is your hand bandaged?”

“Ya! That isn’t something you should worry about.” She paused and looked at him. “Look here, don’t you think we’re becoming too fond of each other? I…I don’t like the idea! So, don’t come closer!”

“Why would I want to get closer to you?”

“So, why are you taking interest in me?”

“I find you as a strange woman.” Pausing, he sighed and walked ahead of her. “Hyung made a good choice of picking this neighbourhood.”

“Ya, wait for me!”

“Wae? Are you scared or afraid?”

“Why would I be?” She asked as she caught up with him.

They walked in silence for the next few minutes.


Haewon group.

Joo won sat in his office and thought of that afternoon when he ran into Ji ha. He smiled when he remembered the phone swaping incident. She seemed humble seeing that she apologized immediately. Her voice and the way she talked sounded funny. He kept on smiling as he remembered the encounter that he didn’t notice when Eun ju came into his office.

“President” she called him the third time before he finally noticed her presence.

“Uhn.” He answered clearing his throat. “What is it?”

“It’s late already. Your driver is waiting for you.”


Bringing out her phone, Ji ha played Girl’s Generation ‘Gee’ song as they walk home.

“Why do you like that song?” Harry asked her. “You were playing it this morning too”

“Well, because it brings the life in me out.” She replied smiling as she hummed to the song. “How about you? Do you have a song you like?”

“I used to like this song Bruno Mars sang, ‘Just the way you are’. Do you know Bruno Mars?”

“American artist? I dont really fancy American singers. So, I don’t know him.”

“Ah….but you like all this babish songs like the one you’re playing.”

”Ya! How can you say that! Get lost!”

They laugh.

Ji ha remembered something and looked at him.

“What is it?” He asked noticing the way she was staring at him.

“Can I ask?”

“What?” He asked smiling.

“The second time I saw you at Ommeonim’s restaurant, you were drunk then, but you kept on mentioning someone’s name. I don’t know why it seems familiar to me, but if probably you’re looking for the person, I could help.”

“Which name.”

“Park Hye jin.” She replied as the smile on his face faded away. “Who is she?”

Harry’s mood changed as he had a brief run through flashback of his younger days with Hye jin.

“Why do you want to know?” He asked coldly.

“I just told you, the name sounds familiar.”

“Trust me, she can’t be someone you know.” He told her and turned to walk away, but paused all of a sudden and turned to face her startling her. “Don’t stick your nose into other people’s business. You’ll get more friends if you follow that advice.” He added and left her standing in the middle of the road on her own.

Ji ha stood there for a while before she continued her walk home. She didn’t understand why he talked to her that way, but she was sure that she must have said something to hurt him. Getting home, she glanced at his door. Sighing, she stood in front of his door and knocked.

“Harry!” She called. “Harry!”

When she got no reply, she stopped knocking, walked to her door, entered her pin and walked in.

Getting inside, she dropped her bag, removed her clothes and went to the balcony. Holding her phone, she looked towards the balcony door leading to his room and sighed. Unlocking her phone, she searched for his contact and typed a message. She took a deep breadth  before pressing the send button. Locking her phone, she sat on a deck chair and stared into the sky looking at the stars.

Harry’s phone clicked as a message entered. He picked it up and opened the message;

“I don’t know why you got angry, but I know it’s my fault. I didn’t mean to change your mood, I’m very sorry. Your neighbour and senior, Han Ji ha.”

He let out a faint laugh as he had a flashback of when he fought with Hye jin. They had fought in school and when Hye min saw that she was the one that caused the right, she wrote an apology letter to him and ended it with ‘Your future wife’.


“Ji ha! Ji ha! Ji ha!”

Looking round her, she panted as her vision became blurr. She could see three men standing few metres away from her and another young girl on the floor. Her breathing pace was slowing down gradually as she started feeling week. Trying to get up, she felt a sharp pain in her head and she fell. Just then, she could perceive the smell of gasoline and almost immediately, a stick of lit cigarette fell to the ground. Something dropped on her hand and when she saw it, it was her own blood dripping from her head. She tried standing up, but she was too weak to do so and just then, the flowing gasoline got to the cigarette and the whole place was on fire. Crying, the sight of the fire got into her brain. She wanted to stand up, but her body wasn’t responding and seeing the intensity of the increasing fire, she began to scream endlessly.

Drenched in her own sweat, Ji ha kept on screaming until her eyes went wide open and almost immediately, she found it hard to breath. Trying hard to catch her breath, she struggled to get out of bed as she stretched her hand towards her bedside table. She traced her hand on the table looking for her pills. She was able to find it, but unfortunately, she forgot to put a glass of water on the bedside table the previous night. Struggling to breathe, she clutched her head tight as she tried to stop an intense memory relapse. Managing to get out of bed, she tried to reach for the glass of water on the table few metres away from her bed. Unluckily for her, she couldn’t breathe again and the glass of water she held fell from her hand and she collapsed on the floor with broken glasses and her pills scattered on the floor.

Her nightmares are back!

Eposode Four ends.



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