Part One

Dripping wet, they both stayed under the shade at the bus station as they watched the rain stop gradually. Just then, Ji ha’s phone rang. She wore a frown on her face as she hesitated to pick it when she saw who the caller was.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked noticing her face.

“Nothing.” She replied and answered the call. “Yeobseyo.”

“You….where are you?” came a worried brother’s voice. ‘Don’t tell me you’re at home ‘cause I’m right in front of your apartment. Where are you?”

“Just….” She paused and looked round. “…..somewhere.”

“You’re not in the rain somewhere, right?”

“How can I answer your call in the rain?”

“Who are you with?”

She looked up at Harry and looked down. “A friend.”

“Where exactly are you?”

“At the nearest bus terminal from home.”

“Stay right there! I’ll be there soon.” He ordered and disconnected the call.

Dropping her phone from her left ear slowly, she sighed. “I’m in for it tonight.” She muttered.

“Who was that?” Harry asked.

“Just someone that gets worried over nothing. When last did you call your sister?”

“Today. Wae-o?”

Shivering, she shook her head. “Sometimes, I wish I never had brother.”

Just then, a white car stopped in front of them and Ji soo came down from the car. Seeing Ji ha, he hurriedly closed the door to meet her. Looking at how wet she was, he sighed, removed his suit, and gave it to her.

“I knew this would happen. That was why I left the hospital early. What’s the point of doing this when you’ll end up catching cold later on.” He scolded.

“Oppa.” She called looking at Harry with one side of her eyes. Right there he was her junior and she wouldn’t want her brother to scold her in front of her junior. “Let’s just go”

Holding her hand, he led her towards the car and opened the door for her at the other side of the car. After she entered, he closed the door and walked to the driver’s seat. Opening the door, he paused as he turned to look at Harry who had been quietly looking at them all he while. When his gaze met with Ji soo’s, he gave him a little bow and Ji soo did the same. Sighing, he wondered why Harry looked familiar to him.

“Where are you going?” he asked him. “I’ll drop you off.”

“Don’t worry.” He replied quickly knowing Ji ha might not want her brother to know they’re neighbors. “I’m not leaving yet.”

“It’s getting late already, you might not get a bus if you wait any longer.”

Harry didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know if Ji ha would support the idea of riding along with them, but to him, it was an opportunity to get along with her brother.

“I’ll take your silence as you agree. Hop in, I still have a lot to do.” He told him as he entered the car. Few seconds later, Harry joined them and Ji ha was so surprised. Sighing, she thought Harry told him about being her neighbor and she thought about what to tell him if he asked her why she never told him about who her new neighbor was.

“So…” he started as he ignited the car making Ji ha sigh as she hadn’t thought of what to say. “How is your new neighbor?”

“Eh?” she asked surprised at his question before she turned back to look at Harry in the passengers seat who was looking outside. “I haven’t met with the person.” She lied.

Harry turned his head towards her and gave a faint smile before turning his head back.

“You haven’t? Mother told me you were at home. I thought you went home because you didn’t like the person.”

“Well, yes, I don’t like the person.”


“He’s rude, he’s lazy, he doesn’t know how to do anything, he’s very annoying and he also thinks highly of himself!”

Ji soo looked surprised at how she described him while Harry kept a straight face without looking at them.

“How…how are you able to say all that without having to meet with the person?”

“Eh?” she paused and smiled. “I don’t have to see him before I know all that.”

“He’s rude and he thinks highly of himself, how did you conclude with that?”

“Well, he hasn’t greeted me formally since he moved in. Isn’t that being rude?”

“Oh. I see. How did you know he’s lazy and doesn’t know how to do anything?” he asked giving Ji ha a pause.

Sighing, she thought of what to say. She had actually said that due to the fact that he was lazy at work and wasn’t good at anything, but she couldn’t mention the fact that she works in the same place with her neighbor.

“I don’t really like telling on my neighbor, but since you’re my oppa, I’ll tell you.” She started, giving herself more time to think. “You see….he’s someone….someone that…..has never done anything since he moved in. Right!” she exclaimed as she thought of something. “Ever since he came, I have never seen any trace of he tending to the flower pots at the balcony. They almost dried up when I checked on them. Since I went home, he never touched them, is that nice? If he’s not lazy, he would have thought of helping me water the flower.” She blurted out.

Harry’s straight face turned to a puzzled frown. Really? He thought. Why would he tend to her flower pots? They weren’t even all that beautiful! He thought to himself.

Ji soo laughed. “That’s very quick of you to judge. But Ji ha, you said you haven’t seen the person, how come you know he’s a guy.”

Click! He got her! She thought.

Ji ha knew there was no way out of that question as she but her lips hard wondering why she had to lie about not seeing in before in the first place.

“Well,  about that…. ” she started.

“I’ll drop off here.” Came Harry’s voice.

Ji ha was so happy that it reflected on her face. Thank you so much ! She exclaimed in her thoughts.

“You live here?” Ji soo asked as he stopped his car.

“No. I just remembered I have something to take care of. Thanks for the ride.” He replied and came down.

“How did you meet with that guy?” He asked her as he drove off.

“Oppa.” She called returning to her cute act whenever she was alone with him. “I’m hungry.” she told him in order to avod any further question.

“You haven’t eaten? ” he asked worriedly and she nodded. “Why? Ya, Ji ha, when last did you go shopping?”

“The last time we went.”

“Ya! It’s been very long. You’re a chef,  yet you’re not feeding yourself well.”

“How about you, the last time we went shopping was also the last time you shopped.”

“You can’t compare yourself to myself. I eat well at the hospital’s cafeteria. Tomorrow is my day off but the resident that just joined us asked me for a favour, let’s meet later tomorrow evening to get you some things.”

“Are you sure you want to spend your day off with me. You regretted it the last time.”

“Don’t worry, miss, I won’t be spending the entire day with you, just a few hours in the evening. Here we are, Han ji ha sshi, your apartment. Don’t forget to use your drugs so you won’t catch cold.”

“Yes sir!” She replied saluting him.


Few hours later, Ji kept on rolling restlessly on her bed without taking her eyes off her phone. It had been over two hours since Harry alighted from Ji soo’s car and there had been no sign of him returning back. She had the thought that he came down to save her from her brother’s question and that since he got down few miles away from their apartment,  he wasn’t supposed to spend more than twenty minutes.

She tossed her phone up and down as she waited for him to call her. She had called him once that day already, and her pride wouldn’t allow her to call him again the second time.

I’m not waiting for him,  she told herself,  I just want to know if he’s still coming.

Just then,  her phone rang making her jump up quickly only for the excitement she felt to melt down quickly as it came. Sighing, she picked it up.

“Wae-o?” She asked in a down tone.

“Wae-o?” Ye jun’s voice sounded at the other end. She had know Ji ha for a very long time to know why she must have sounded that way. “Ya,  Han Ji ha! Were you expecting someone else to call you.”

“Ani.” She replied quickly.

“Don’t deny it. It’s obvious. I can hear it in your voice. Tell me,  who?”

“Ya! Ye jun-ah, stop being paranoid,  I was already sleeping.”

“Tsk tsk. You still don’t admit when you’re caught red handed. Anyways, have you called him?”


“Who else? Harry of course.”

“Oh… Yes I did.”

“And…… What did he say?”

“He actually told Seung ho sunbae he wasn’t going to come.  I guess sunbae forgot to tell us. So I guess calling him now makes me a good senior right?”

Ye Jun laughs. “Did you guys talk about anything else?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to know. Anyways that’s that about that. What’s up with Ji hyun? Have you told him?”

“Ye jun-ah”


“I’m so pitiful”

“Why do you say so?”

“I don’t think Ji hyun likes me.”

“How can you say that?”

“It’s the truth. He doesn’t act like it.”

“Ji ha,  my Han ji ha,  you can’t just conclude like that. You’ve known him long before we became friends and do you know how much I love you? Not to talk of someone that you knew before me. Don’t worry, I’m sure he does,  he’s just trying hard not to show it of which I don’t know why. Don’t think much about it, okay?”

“Ya, Ye Jun! You’re too loud!” Ji ha heard Ye jun’s sister say.

“Ah,  what again? Can’t I talk in my room again. Unni, adjust!”

Smiling, Ji ha changed the position of her phone to her other hear. “I guess your sister is around.”

“I’m so tired of her. Ji ha,  we’ll talk later. Goodnight,  and hey, it’s very late for you to still be expecting a call from someone,  so just sleep.” She told her before hanging up.

“Funny girl.” Ji ha muttered as she dropped her phone on her bedside table before covering up herself.


Very early the next morning,  she got up from her bed and went to the mirror to check herself. Just then, she remembered her phone and she rushed to pick it hurriedly expecting a missed call but to her disappointment, there was none.

“I guess he didn’t come back home after all. ”

Removing her night gown,  she changed into a white camisole and a very short blue Jean. On days like that,  she was fond of doing her laundry and tending to her flower pots before preparing for work. Packing her clothes from the laundry basket, she stuffed them into the washing machine and tuned the machine to start it’s work while she walked to the kitchen and came out with a watering can. Filling the watering can with water,  she picked her phone and earpiece as she began to play her favourite music. Nodding her head to the beat of the song and lipsinging, she placed her phone in the pocket of her blue shorts,  picked up the watering can and opened the door leading to her balcony. Dancing and singing,  she began to water the flower pots one by one.

Just then she noticed one of her favourite gerarium flower whithering.  With a puzzled frown, she placed it closer to where enough sunlight was.

“Please don’t die.” She muttered as she watered it.

“I never knew you cared so much about your flowers like this.” She heard a voice say.

Bringing out her phone,  she checked the song she was playing to confirm where the voice came from, but since it was her favourite song,  she knew it was definitely not from the song.

“There’s nothing like that in the lyrics” she muttered to herself as she turned back only to scream as loud as she could when she saw Harry resting on the balcony door leading to his own room with folded arms like he had been watching her for a long time.

“Harry!” She shouted

“What?” He asked without being bothered.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Well, I’d say I was here before you came out with your watering can.”

“Ya!  You’ve been standing here for that long and you didn’t say a word!”

“I did. I said hello,  but you were lipsinging to girl’s generation ‘Gee’.”

“You should have spoken louder! When did you get back! And why didn’t you call!”

“I entered immediately your brother left.”


“But….. Are you getting mad right now? Why should I have called you before entering my own apartment. Awwwn, we’re you that worried again?”

“Why would I be?  I wasn’t at all.”

“Okay, okay, let’s just say you weren’t.” He said as he turned to look at her balcony door leading to her room. “It’s not bad that we share the same balcony, but you might want to be careful while running into your room now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,… ” he shrugged his shoulders as he cleared his throat before turning to look at her slowly. Just then, Ji ha figured out what he was talking about as she looked at herself.

“Pervert!” She shouted as she rushed inside her room. Before she was able to rush inside, she hit the watering can she left beside the gerarium flower pot,  making the flower pot fall and smash into pieces. Ji ha heard the flower break when she picked up the coat near the balcony door, putting it on,  she rushed back to the balcony only to see the flower she was trying to prevent from dying shattered on the floor.

“No, no, no….. ” she cried faintly as she bent down to gather the pieces while Harry watched her. “Not my flower,  not this one! No. Not this one.”

Just then, she heard a clicking sound from inside. Standing up quickly, she rushed inside only to find the outer part of the washine machine filled with soap and water that had leaked out.

Closing her eyes in frustration,  she sighed. “This is so not my day.”

To be continued


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