Part One

Lee household

During breakfast, everyone ate silently. Few minutes later, Joo won broke the silence.

“Should I drop you off at the hospital?” He asked Min jae.

“Don’t bother.” She replied. “My car arrived yesterday.”

“I see.”

“Min jae, how is it going over there?” Sung chul asked her.

“Appa, it’s not very easy. Gukil Medical is a well known hospital. We have a lot of VIP’s unlike in the states where regular patients are more than VIP’s.”

“You have to get used to it.”

“Of course, I have to.” She smiled.

Joo won stood up.

“Chairman, i’ll be leaving now.” He bowed and Sung chul gave him a slight nod. He turned to his mother and also bowed before leaving.

Few minutes later, Sung chul finished his meal and stood up to leave.

“Appa, where are you going?”

“The company.’

Min jae smiled. “Should I drop you off?”

“See this girl. Your car has arrived now and you want to flaunt your driving skills in front of me.”

Min jae laughed. “Well, you could see it that way. Get dressed, i’ll wait for you.” She told him.

Mi sook scoffed as she watched the father daughter act. Sung chul nodded as he left for his room to change. Min jae smiled as she watched him walk and just then, the smile on face faded away when she noticed the way he was walking with one side. Just then, he fell.

Min jae rushed to help him up and so did Mi sook.

“Abeoji, are you okay?” She asked as Mi sook assisted her in helping him up.

“I’m okay.” He replied smiling. “I just tripped.” He added getting his balance.

Min jae noticed a brief twitch on his face and she frowned. “Appa, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Min jae-ah, Appa is fine. I just tripped. That’s all.”

“Arasso. Dress up quickly. I’ll wait for you.”


Sooni Hawaii

After finishing the afternoon course, the chefs in section B took a short lunch break.

“Ye Jun, where are you going?” Ji ha asked as she removed her hand gloves.

“The coffee shop. Wae-o?”

“Let’s go together.”


“Ji ha!” Seung ho called as he came inside.

“Yes, sunbae.”

“Director Jang called me now. Please help me take this to Shi min in Section D. She needs it urgently.”

“Shi min unni?”

“Tell her I’ll see her later.”

“Okay.” She replied as she collected the box from him before turning to Ye jun. “Ye jun-ah, I’ll meet you at the coffee shop.”

“Arasso. What do you want, I’ll get it for you before you come.”

“Americano.” She replied.

“I’d like cappuccino.” Harry’s voice sounded behind them making the ladies turn to look at him.

Shaking her head, Ji ha ignored him and left for Section D. Getting there, she spotted Shi min and walked to meet her.

“Unni.” She called her smiling. “Seung ho sunbae asked me to give you this.” She told her as she dropped the box she was carrying on the table.

“Oh. Why didn’t he drop it off himself, we’re to do this together.”

“Director Jang called him. He said he’ll see you later.”

“Is that so? Alright thank you.”

Ji ha smiled and was about leaving when she saw two customers standing up.

“I think those customers are done eating. Should I clear the table for you?” She asked Shi min.

“I’d appreciate if you can help me with that.”

Ji ha smiled and took a tray on the table and a napkin. She was about getting to the fifth table when she suddenly stopped. The customers that stood up from the fifth table walked towards the exit of the restaurant. Ji ha caught sight of the man walking behind the woman and immediately, she had a brief memory relapse which made a screeching sound in her head. The tray she was holding fell as she fell to the ground and clutched her head tight with her hands.

Everyone in the restaurant was distracted with the sound that came from the fallen tray. Shi min stopped what she was doing and rushed to Ji ha’s aid.

“Ji ha, are you okay?”

Nodding her head, her breathing pace increased as Shi min helped her up. Noticing the undue attention the customers were giving, Shi min apologized for what happened and called one of the cleaners to clean the mess while she helped Ji ha back to Section B.

“What happened?” Harry asked when he noticed Shi min helping her balance herself.

“I don’t know, she fell all of a sudden, holding her head tight.” She replied as she helped her to a chair.

“My bag.” Ji ha’s voice sounded weak.

Shi min hurriedly passed her bag to her and Ji ha brought out her pills.


Ji hyun who was present grabbed a cup hurriedly and brought water for her. Ji ha was about collecting it, but noticing it was from Ji hyun, she stood up and walked to the tap herself to get water to use her pill.

Sighing, Ji hyun glanced at his rejected outstrdched arm. Smiling, Harry collected the cup of water from him.

“I’ve been dying for something to drink.” He told him as he gulped down the water in the cup and placed it back in Ji hyun’s hand. “Thanks.” Wiping his mouth, he patted Ji hyun’s shoulder, smiled and walked out.

Ji ha got herself stabilized seconds later.

“Unni, I’m sorry for that”

“What happened out there? Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Shi min asked worriedly.

“Ani. I’m okay now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, unni”

Nodding her head, Shi min went back to her station. Ji ha remembered Ye jun must have been waiting for her at the coffee shop. Putting her pills back in her bag, she hurried out, but before she went out, she stoped and turned to look at Ji hyun.

“Thanks for trying to help then, but I told you not to do anything for me anymore, no matter what happens to me.” With that she left.

Sighing, Cha Eun soo who had been watching at the whole drama stopped staring at Ji hyun and retired back to her work.


Haewon Group’s Inauguration week

Haewon’s inaugurations usually take four days and the fifth day would be a general celebration dinner with shareholders and stakeholders of Haewon. Sooni Hawaii kitchen was asked to take care of the catering service for the first and last day while Maria’s was asked to take care of the second to fourth day.

On the first day, the whole employees of Sooni Hawaii were extremely busy and no one was spared any duty. After serving the guests, Ye Jun and Sae na went into the room they were given and crashed.

“Ah!” Ye Jun exclaimed. “At first, I was jealous that Maria would be catering for three days while we get to do ours for two days, but I never thought the first day would require a lot of work.”

“We’re done for!” Sae na exclaimed. “I feel like dying! My legs hurt so much. I hardly rest for a minute before I’m being called again. I’m not going out of this room!”

“Ya, Sae na, it’s just the first day. I wonder how the last day would look like.”

“I heard it’s going to be a dinner.”


“Uhn. We’re really in for it.”

“Appa! I’m dying.”


Outside, after making sure everything was in order and the guests were well served, Ji ha looked round and noticed Sae na and Ye Jun were gone. She walked to meet Eun soo who was sorting the dishes.

“Eun soo-ah, Have you seen Ye Jun and Sae na?”

“I saw them at the other end not too long, but they don’t seem to be there again.”

“Aishhh….wait until I find you.” She muttered as she walked away.

Eun soo sighed and turned to look at Ji hyun who was watching Ji ha as she walked away. Removing her hand gloves, she slammed it on the table catching his attention.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Do you like her?” She asked bluntly.

“What are you talking about?”

“Ji ha. Han Ji ha, do you like her? Come to think of it, you’ve been acting all awkward around her. Do you like her?”

“Have you…have you been studying me?”

“I wonder…have I?” She asked. “Forget it!” She added and walked away.


Ji ha was looking for Ye Jun and Sae na when Do shik walked up to her.

“Ya, Ji ha, have you seen Ye Jun?”

“I’m also looking for her. Is anything wrong?”

“Seung ho sunbae asked us to work together and she left me to do it all alone. ”

“Again? Why do you guys act like this, even outside the kitchen? You two should straighten things out and stop acting like cats and dogs.” She advised him.

“What the…How about you and Harry. It’s not like you two get along well too.”

“Why do you have to bring up Harry now? Come to think of it, where is he?”

“As for me, I haven’t seen him at all tonight.” He told her and left.

Closing her eyes and opening them, she bit her lips in frustration. She stopped looking for Ye jun and Sae na and started looking for Harry.

“Where did he go?” She muttered to herself.

Shi min sighted her. “Ya, Ji ha!”

Ji ha turned to look at her. “Yes, unni.”

“Please I need your help. The table over there really needs me and my juniors are busy, I was told the President asked for champagne, but I can’t leave this spot, can you please help me take it to him?”

“President? Are you talking about the president of Haewon?”

“Yes, that’s right.” She replied as she handed her a bottle of champagne and a glass cup. “He’s at the underground garage. Get a tray to put it on from Seung ho, I have to go.” With that, she left.

“Unni! Unni!” Ji ha called back. “How can you send me to the President of all people! Unni! Shi min unni! Aishhhh, what do I do?!”


Joo won paced back and forth in front of his car as he thought about his last conversation with the Chairman. For over fifteen years, he had tried his best of being a good son to the chairman, but the man never acknowledged him, not even for once. Everything the chairman asked him to do, he did it all without failing but he was never proud of it. Joo won now understood the fact that the only reason why the chairman gave him those things to do was to keep him busy and not to make him feel bad, not because he really wanted him to do it.

The thought of that made him so angry and he took his anger on his car tyre by hitting it with full force several times.

Panting, he stopped hitting the car and just then, he heard the tyre hiss. Surprised, he bent down to check what happened only to see that the tyre had deflated.

“Did I do that?” He asked himself.

Ji ha stepped out of the elevator with a tray of champagne. Sighing, she looked round the garage.

“Where is he?” She asked herself as she walked deeper. Just then, she noticed a guy bending down and checking a car. Relieved, she walked up to him.

“Excuse me!” She called, startling him as he stood up immediately. “Excuse me, please where is….” She paused as she noticed how familiar he looked.

Joo won was about getting the champagne himself when he suddenly remembered seeing her at Gyeongi-do the previous week.

“You look familiar….. ” she was saying when she suddenly remembered. “Ah! Then! In front of the pharmacy at Gyeongi-do! You were asking for the name of that place.”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Were you able to find where you were going to? I bet you were. But what are you doing here?”

“Ah, about that…” He was saying as he turned back to look at the tyre of the car. “I was…trying to fix that.” He pointed.

“Ah, you’re a driver, right? How did that happen?” She asked as she dropped the tray on the floor and moved closer to the car taking a closer look at it. “It has deflated. What are you going to do? What if your boss finds out? What’s going to happen?”

Joo won cleared his throat. “Well…I wonder.”

“Think of something fast. What if you get into trouble?”

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing much.”

“Really?” She asked and he nodded. “But still, you should be careful.” She adviced as she picked up the tray and looked round. “Why is he not here?”


“The president. I was asked to bring this to him but I guess he’s not here. How long do I have to wait.” She turned to look at him. “Have you seen him?” She asked and he shook his head. “Well, I guess you’ve not. Can I?” She asked as she tried dropping the tray on the bonnet of the car and he nodded.

After dropping it, she stretched her hand. “It has been a really long day! Ah! Do you care for champagne?”


She took the glass cup and poured the champagne in it. “Here, drink up. I’m sure you don’t get to drink things like this. Drink up now, you might not get the opportunity to do so later.”

He collected it from her smiling.

“Good. I guess this is an opportunity for me to rest a bit.” She sighed. “I’m so tired.” She looked round. “Why is he not here yet?”

“Do you usually get along with people like this?”

Ji ha smiled. “Well, I guess.”

He glanced at her name tag. “Han Ji ha” he called and she turned to look at him thinking about how he knew her name. Joo won read her surprised expression and pointed to her name tag, smiling.

“Ah!” She exclaimed. “I forgot. How about you? Drivers don’t wear tags. What’s your name.”

Joo won paused. He was about talking when the elevator door opened and Eun ju stepped out.

“President! President!” She called.

Knowing it was Eun ju, Joo won thought of what to do.

“Uhn, I think someone is also looking for him.”

Joo won gave her back the glass cup quickly. “Thanks. I have to go now. I don’t want anyone to see me here.”

“That’s right, you should go. It’s better than someone finding you here. Go, quickly.”

He nodded and left quickly to catch up with Eun ju before she outs him.

“President! President! Where did he go? President!” Eun ju called continuously as she looked round the garage. Just then, she spotted him walking towards her briskly.

“Uhn, Presi…..” She was about saying when he caught her and covered her mouth with his palm.

“Shhh.” He sounded with one of his finger on his lips. “Don’t call me. Act like you don’t know me and don’t say a word about me to that lady.” He told her.

Releasing her, he walked away leaving a confused Eun ju alone.

“What was that?”

Just then, Ji ha walked up to meet her.

“Excuse me, are you also looking for the president?”

Eun ju was surprised and only then did she understand what Joo won was telling her.

“Why are you looking for him?”

“I was asked to bring these to him.” Ji ha explained.

“Is that so? As you can see, I’m also looking for him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s here.”

“I guess so too. Alright. Thank you.” She told her and was about leaving when she stopped. “You look familiar.”


“Uhn.” She nodded.

“Why do I keep looking for people and seeing familiar faces tonight.”


“I can’t remember….Wait! I think I do. It’s you, I took you for my new neighbour. Remember?”

“Ah, that?”

“Uhn. Have you been good?”

Eun ju cleared her throat. “Obviously.”

“You work here? Whoa! Daebak! Anyways, sorry for the misunderstanding, I never got to apologize for thinking you were a bit crazy. I’m sorry. But, are you that close to Harry to stsy in his room for the night?”

“You seemed to know him before he became your neighbour. Do you work together?”


“I see. I have things to do, I’ll get going first.” With that, she left.

“She just shoved my question. Tch.”

Sighing, Ji ha looked round once more. “I guess he’s not coming after all.”

Ji ha went back upstairs to drop the tray when she saw Ye jin and Sae na.

“Ya! You two, where have you been? Do you know how long we’ve been looking for you? The fact that Seung ho sunbae gave me a lot of work to do doesn’t mean you two can rush off like that! Be considerate! I’m also tired myself!”

“You don’t have to shout at us. We were scolded by Seung ho sunbae already.” Sae na voiced out.

“Ya.” Ye Jun cautioned. “Ji ha is right. What we’ve done is not up to half of what she has been doing. We should pity her too. Ji ha, you can rest if you want to, we’ll do the rest.”

“Don’t bother. There’s still a lot of work to do. Get yourself busy.” She told them and left.

“Did I make a mistake?” Sae na asked feeling guilty.

Ye Jun sighed as she watched Ji ha leave. “At this rate, she might collapse soon. That girl, she doesn’t listen.”


Minutes later, while Ji ha was almost done cleaning the champagne glasses, someone brought another tray full of used champagne glass cups. Sighing as she looked at the full tray, she dropped the napkin she was using and turned to face the guy with a face cap who dropped the tray.

“Isn’t this becoming too much? I’m not the only one cleaning these glasses. There are about three others over there! And this is the third time you’re bringing a tray full of used glass cups. Why are you doing this? Do I look like a machine? When I’m about finishing up with one set, you go ahead and bring another one but this time, I don’t think I can clean more than this! I’m stressed out enough already! You can take over.” She voiced out as she could not contain her growing anger any longer.

“I was hoping for you to say that sooner.” The guy replied as he adjusted his face cap so she could see his face.

“Harry?” She called surprised to see him. “Where have you been?”

“Here and there.” He smiled. “Do you want to take a break?”


Gukil Medical.

Coming out of the operation room, Min jae removed her surgical gloves and heaved a sigh of relief. Just then, Ji soo also came out and did the same.

“Good job, doctor Lee.” He told her. “The surgery was a success.”

She smiled. “All I did was to assist you. But sunbae,…..” She paused as she moved closer to him. “You call me to assist you most of the time, wae-o?”


“I mean Dr Go is there, Dr Song is there, Dr Soo is there, but still, you call me to assist you. Why is that?”

“What do you mean by that. As staff members, we can call any fellow to assist us.”

“Exactly! Why then is it me? Dr Baek rarely calls me for surgery like you do. Perhaps, do you….” She paused and looked at him closer. “….like me?”

“Ya! Dr Ella! How can you say that? I call you to assist me because you’re very experienced seeing that you came from America. That’s why.”

“Ah. Is that so?” She asked nodding her head. “Well, I guess…’s nothing.” She added and left while Ji soo stood there watching her leave.


Min jae walked to her locker to change her clothes. When she finished changing, she closed her locker and paused. Just then, she remembered that morning when her father stood up.


Sung chul nodded as he left for his room to change. Min jae smiled as she watched him walk and just then, the smile on face faded away when she noticed the way he was walking with one side. Just then, he fell.

Min jae rushed to help him up and so did Mi sook.

“Abeoji, are you okay?” She asked as Mi sook assisted her in helping him up.

“I’m okay.” He replied smiling. “I just tripped.” He replied.

Min jae noticed a brief twitch on his face and she frowned. “Appa, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Min jae-ah, Appa is fine. I just tripped. That’s all.”



“Why do I feel like something is off somewhere?” She asked herself. “What’s this feeling?” She asked again hitting her chest. “It’s probably nothing. Appa is doing fine. He’s okay.”

To be continued.


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