Part 3


Before she could say any other thing. Harry disconnected the line and replaced the sim card before ordering for another bottle of Soju.


Do shik’s apartment

Ji ha carried her drunk friend, Ye jun to one of her friend’s apartment Kang Do shik and knocked loudly on the door. She knocked the second time but there was no reply. She was about knocking the third time when the door went wide opened and Do shik stood at the entrance.

“Ji ha?” he called surprised to see her with Ye jun at his doorstep.

“Annyeong, Do shik-ah!” she greeted him with a fake smile that disappeared quickly as it came.

“What are you doing here?” he asked still surprised as he watched her force her way into his apartment.

Ji ha walked inside with Ye jun and dropped her on one of the couch before turning to Do shik. “What does it looks like I’m doing? I’m leaving Ye jun here with you.”

“Ah, Wae?” he asked with a puzzled frown.

Sighing, she raised her hand to demonstrate. “You see, my mother just got a newrememknow y name recently, but I had to use the money for something very important. Mother found out, and I’ve been in trouble since then. Also, you know that guy Ye jun has been crazy about, Hong Tae joon, I guess they broke up and she went ahead to get herself drunk. That’s not all, she even went to my Oppa’s apartment and he had to call me where I was having a difficult time trying to….”

“Enough with the story, Ji ha.” He interrupted. “What exactly are you trying to say?”

“What do you mean by what am I trying to say? I just don’t understand you people. I thought I told you earlier that I’m leaving Ye jun here with you.”

“And I asked you why!”

“Don’t you get?” she asked folding her arm. “I’m in big trouble, so I can’t go home where my parents live.”

“What about your apartment?”

“My neighbor moved out and I haven’t been staying in my apartment since then.”

“You should have taken her to her rooftop house!”

“Right!” Ji ha agreed. “I would have done that, but, I don’t know the password to her rooftop house and there’s no other place to take her to.”

“How can you not know the password to your friend’s house!”

“I know it, but she changed it when her sister kept on disturbing her.”

“Then you should have asked her for the new password.”

“I did!” she defended. “But she didn’t tell me because I was the one that told her sister her former password.” She explained as she took a glance at her wristwatch. “Listen, Do shik-ah, I know we’re not that close but you should know that I wouldn’t have brought her here if there was somewhere else to go. It’s late already and I have to see the restaurant Ajumma before she leaves. I’ll see you later.” She told him quickly as she rushed to the door.

“Ya! How can you leave your friend in a man’s place?”

Turning back, Ji ha thought about it. “Since when did you become a man? It’s not a man place, but a friend’s place.” She replied after a few seconds. “Make sure you prepare some hangover soup for her tomorrow. I might not be here to do that.” She turned back to the door and was about opening it when she suddenly turned back to face him, startling him.

“Ya! You startled me!” he exclaimed.

“Do shik-ah,” she called him as she pointed a warning finger at him. “I’m leaving her here because I trust you, okay?”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“If anything happens, I’ll just…..” pausing, she nodded her head. “Never mind, I’m just saying that I trust you. I hope you understand.” She added as she opened the door and left hurriedly.

“Ya! Ji ha!” he shouted after her. “Don’t do this to me! Ji ha! Han Ji ha! Aishhhh, seriously!”


Ommeonim’s Restaurant

Harry sat down with the empty bottles of soju in front of him while different thoughts of his past rushed through his mind.

Flashback to fifteen years ago

At a garden, a 14years old younger self of Harry and a 12years old girl, Park Hye jin played around. They kept on laughing as they played on the swing and then they moved to the seesaw. They played for a long time and when they finally got tired, they sat on the grass with happy and smiling faces. Young Harry brought out a necklace with a round green pendant and gave it to Hye jin.

“It’s my mother’s necklace.” he told her as he gave it to her.

“Why are you giving it to me?” she asked as she rejected it. “It’s the only thing of hers you have to look at whenever you miss her. Why are you giving it to me then?”

“Anio.” He insisted as he offered it to her again. “I want you to have it so that whenever I miss her, I would like to look at you and the necklace at the same time. Also, my mother told me that it’s a key to something i’ll get to understand later in the future. So, till I get to understand what it is, keep it with you.”

Hye jin accepted it happily while he went behind her to put it on for her.

“It looks pretty on you.” He commented as he stood up.

“Thank you.” She replied smiling. “I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“We come to this garden almost everyday and we have happy memories here. Since its like a special place, let’s hide a time capsule somewhere and in the nearest future when they grow up, we would come back for it. What do you think?”

“That’s childish.” He teased her.

“But still, we should do it. It’s what I want.” she insisted. “If you don’t comply, I’ll stop making you cookies and you know that’s the only thing I learnt to do from her brother.”

“Arasso.” He agreed.

They both wrote their wishes on separate pieces of paper, wrapped it and buried it somewhere beside where they were. They planted Hye jin’s favorite flower beside it so that when they come back together in the future, they would be able to get where the time capsule is easily. Hye jin offered to put the necklace with the time capsule since he might need it for something important in the future. Young Harry disagreed with the idea and told her he had no idea of what it was, and he wouldn’t like to bury it with their time capsule, instead he would like her to put it on so he can see it everyday and always remember that he has to fulfill his mother’s wish although he didn’t tell her what his mother’s wish was since he didn’t fully understands what she meant himself.

Few minutes later, they both had to leave for Young Harry’s house where a party was taking place to congratulate Harry’s father, the chairman on the success of his project. They got to his house late and the party was already going on. Seeing that none of the elderly ones had their time, they both went outside where the party noise wouldn’t disturb them.

“I don’t like what my father is doing.” Harry complained to Hye jin.

“Why do you say that?” she asked concerned.

“My mother.” He started. “She died few weeks ago and he’s not acting like anything happened, instead he’s here having a party.”

“Is that it?” Hye jin asked him and he nodded. “If that’s it, then I like your father. Life is simple. People that are alive shouldn’t spend the rest of their time thinking about those that are dead. The dead are gone, but those that are still alive have a lot to do while being alive.” She told him. “The 49th day since your mother passed away has passed. It’s close to two months and I like the fact that your father is not letting the death of your mother to weigh him down, instead he’s moving on with his life and succeeding so that wherever his wife is, she’ll be proud of having him as her husband. You’re a man, if you keep on with this, then I’m not going to marry you in the future.”

“What? Seriously? How can you say that? I’m to decide whether I’ll marry you or not, besides your comment was too childish. I really have a lot of things to teach you so you’ll start acting matured.”

Hye jin suddenly sees one of her friends and she stood up quickly as she rushed to meet her so as to introduce her to Harry since he didn’t know her as Hye jin’s friend. Harry followed her as she did the introduction.

“Meet my new friend, Ji ha.” She told Harry. “We became friends when I was waiting at the garden for you yesterday, although you didn’t show up.”

“I apologized already.” Harry defended himself.

“So you’re the one she was waiting for.” Hye jin’s new friend flashed him a smile before giving Hye jin a brief glance. “She even cried while she was waiting and she cried more when she was sure that you wouldn’t be able to come again.”

“You cried?” Harry asked smiling to himself. “Why didn’t you tell me you cried while you were waiting for me?” he teased.

“Ya!” Hye jin hit both him and her friend. “How can you tell him that! And why should I have told you? She invited me to her house when the rain started falling. Her mother and brother were very nice to me and they fed me before I left after the rain stopped.”

After mentioning her mother, the girl remembered what she had been doing before Hye jin found her.

“I was looking for my mother.” She told her. “I went inside for a brief moment and I’ve been looking for her since I came out.”

“Let me help you look for her.” Hye jin offered to help her with her search and walked away with her leaving Harry behind.

Harry was about going with them when a man approached him. He stopped in his tracks immediately as the man bent down in front of him. He had never seen the man before and it was obvious that he wasn’t there for the ongoing party judging from a bunch of guys that appeared behind him.

“What do you want?” he asked trying not to sound scared of the man.

“Hey boy, where did you keep the necklace your mother gave you?” the man asked bluntly.


‘Ya! You rascal, I don’t like repeating myself. Where is the necklace your mother gave you?” he asked again.

“I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Hey, listen, that necklace is really really important, so, if you wants to live, just hand it over.” The man threatened him.

He became confused and scared when the other five men standing behind him surrounded him. He was unsure of why they wanted the necklace but all he could think of was the fact that he gave the necklace to Hye jin meaning she wasn’t safe with it. Knowing he might not be able to outrun the men since they were outside and nobody inside knew what was going on, out of a scared and confused state, he shouted Hye jin’s name and asked her to run.

Hye jin and her friend who were oblivious to what was going on turned back upon hearing her name. The man threatening him turned towards their direction and sighed.

“Which of them is Hye jin?” the man asked making Harry realize that he shouldn’t have called her at all. He blamed himself for complicating the issue and refused to talk.

Hye jin and her friend realized he was in danger and before Hye jin could move, her friend asked her to help him while she offered to go get help. Hye jin asked her to get the attention of the elders inside while she distract the men. The young girl took to her heels immediately to get help while Hye jin ran towards Harry to help him. The man seeing how the girl ran asked the men to go after her while he followed leaving Hye jin and Harry behind.

“Those men, who are they?” Hye jin asked him after seeing them leave like that.

“I don’t know.” He replied. “They just came out of nowhere and I thought they were coming after you, but seeing how they left you here, then that means they weren’t after you after all.”

“That’s a relief.” Hye jin sighed and was about to smile when she suddenly figured out her friend was in danger. “My friend!” She exclaimed. “She ran to get help immediately you called my name. They must have followed her thinking she was Hye jin, leaving me behind, the real Hye jin.” She explained quickly putting the pieces together.

“You’re thinking like a matured person for the first time.” He commented sounding serious and also trying to ease her at the same time.

Frightened, she asked him why the men came to him and why they were after her. He turned to think and told her he wasn’t sure leaving her to decide rashly to go after them while he go get help from someone. He was about telling her that what they asked him for was the necklace with her but before he could turn back to tell her, she had already gone in the direction the men took.

“Hye jin! Park Hye jin!” He shouted her name as he went after her but she was too fast for him to catch up with her and before he knew it, she was out of sight.

Frightened, he rushed inside to get help but no one paid attention to him. He told several people that his friends have been kidnapped, but seeing that he was the chairman’s son, some people thought that he must still be under stress since his mother’s death might still be fresh in his memory. He got angry at that statement but tried to control himself as he continued searching for help. Few seconds later, he saw Hye jin’s brother, Park Woo jin at a distance and rushed quickly to meet him telling him that Hye jin was in trouble.

“Hyung! Woo jin hyung! Hye jin is in danger.” he shouted and just then, a woman passed by and asked if they’ve seen her daughter. The thought that Hye jin’s new friend must be the woman’s daughter crossed Harry’s mind but he couldn’t conclude on that fact and he shook his head and left hurriedly with Woo jin more concerned about Hye jin. Getting outside, he explained everything that happened to Woo jin who immediately asked which direction they took. Harry pointed and they were about to rush towards that direction when they heard someone scream from inside. Both boys stared at themselves before rushing inside with no choice than to know what was happening.

On their way inside, they noticed that most of the guest were already making their way outside as it was announced that there was fire somewhere in the house. Harry and Woo jin made their way inside concluding that Hye jin and her friend were not safe only for them to struggle with the people who were trying to get themselves outside to safety. They later found out that the fire was coming from the storeroom and Harry became alarmed knowing that the materials in the storeroom can make the fire severe. Firefighters got there as quickly as they were called and stopped anyone from getting close to the storeroom while they tried to stop the growing fire. Harry and Woo jin tried their best to pass by the firefighters, but to no avail. They had no choice but to wait for the firefighters to do their job. Three of the firefighters were seriously injured from the fire making Woo jin and Harry worried at how serious the fire was.

After waiting for a long time, five wheels were pulled out, three injured firefighters and two people, a man and a young person burnt beyond recognition. Woo jin walked to the body of what looked like Hye jin but he argued that it wasn’t Hye jin. Harry also confirmed it and told the firefighters to go back in there and bring Hye jin. They both argued that she was still inside and that she might die if they don’t save her. One of the firefighters asked them how they could be so sure she wasn’t the one and just them, the necklace Harry had given Hye jin earlier that day dropped from the burnt hand.

Falling to his knees, he picked up the necklace and cried having no choice than to believe that it truly was Hye jin calling her a fool for dying with a childish act of holding unto the necklace even while she was dying.

“Hye jin-ah! Why? Why didn’t you fight for your life? Why didn’t you try to stay alive? You should have held on a bit longer! And I would have taught you how to act like a matured person.” He kept on crying until she was wheeled away.

Present day

Recalling the incident that happened fifteen years ago, Harry kept on pouring himself drinks until he couldn’t get a hold of himself. Looking at his phone, he berates Ella for saying something similar to what Hye jin once told him when his mother died that the dead are gone and that those alive have a lot to do while alive.

“You’re right!” he spoke to no one in particular as he pored himself more drinks. “Although I believed what you said then as you being childish, but for the second time, I’ll agree that you’re right.” His eyelids started closing but he forced them open while he poured himself another drink and kept on talking to himself again, slowly this time. “The living has a lot of things to do while being alive and one of them is bringing justice to the dead.” He poured himself another drink only to realize it was empty. Raising his voice and the bottle, he called the woman at the bar. “Ajumma! One more bottle!”

The restaurant Ajumma was about taking a bottle of soju to him when a lady suddenly walked in looking bright as always. Smiling, the Ajumma stopped to look at her.

“Uhn, Ji ha, you’re here.”

“Ajumma, you’re still around? I told you to stop closing late. Do you want the thugs that came by the last time to reappear? If you continue closing late, they’ll come back to disturb you.” She scolded her.

“Omo! See this girl. You keep on telling me to stop closing late, but you yourself still come by looking for me late. Besides, I can’t leave until all my customers leave.”

“You still have customers this late?” she asked worriedly. “It’s past twelve already. Ajumma, if you go on with the rule of customers leaving first, you’ll end up sleeping in this place one day. You tell the customers to leave when you want to close, that’s the rule.”

“But what do I do?” she asked looking at Harry worriedly and dropping the bottle of soju she was holding. “That person over there is not ready to leave yet. He even ordered for another bottle.”

Ji ha turned to look at Harry who had already placed his head on the table. “Don’t worry, Ajumma, I’ll take care of this for you. Just watch and learn in case I’m not around.”

Ji ha walked to where Harry sat and sat opposite him where Woo jin had been sitting before he left. Looking at the empty bottles in front of him, she could tell that he had been with someone.

“Ajumma, was he here with someone?” she asked as she turned to look at the restaurant ajumma curiously.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Was it perhaps a lady?” she asked again getting interested.

“Ani. It was a man. They came in together but the other man had to leave after paying.”

“A man?” she asked giving a disappointed look. “I thought he was drinking because of a lady. Tch!” clearing her throat, she tapped him. “Excuse me!” Getting no reply, she tapped him again. “Excuse me!” Getting no reply from him the second time, she tapped him again and this time, he moved but didn’t raise his head. “Tch! He can’t even drink. Just two bottles and he’s like this.” She muttered to herself as she tapped him again and when he didn’t move, she used her index finger to raise his head up. “Excuse me! You can’t sleep at places like this, you have to…….” She stopped abruptly as she noticed the familiarity in his face. “Why does he looks familiar?”

“You know him?” the restaurant ajumma asked.

“Ani. No way. He just looks familiar.”

Raising his head up properly, her eyes went wide opened as she remembered seeing him earlier that evening at the police station. Standing up, she exclaimed. “Criminal!”

“He’s a criminal?” she asked surprised

“Uhn.” She nodded quickly. “I saw him at the police station today.”

“Should I call the police?” she asked bringing out her phone.

Ji ha was about nodding her head when she recalled their conversation that evening about him denying being a criminal. She shook her head immediately. “Ani, Ajumma, he’s not a criminal.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She nodded as she looked at him wondering why he was drinking. She assumed that the man he came with must have been Squad leader Park Woo jin since he had been waiting for him. Smiling and thinking about her money, she took his phone with the intention of calling Woo jin. However, he didn’t save his number with his actual name giving her a difficult time in finding it. Just then, she thought quickly of checking his call log guessing that he must have called him since he was waiting for him. The only contact he called was ‘Ella, my treasure’ and hyung. Without thinking twice, she concluded that hyung was Park Woo jin and he probably got drunk because of ‘Ella, my treasure’.

“All men are the same. He got drunk because of a lady, tch! Ella, my treasure.” Muttering to herself, she sneered at him as she called hyung and waited for him to pick. “Hello, is this Park Woo jin-sshi?”

“Yes that’s right.” Woo jin replied after clearing his throat. “Who are you and why are you using Harry’s phone?”

“Harry? Is that his name?”

Knowing it was an English name, she looked at Harry. “He looks like a Korean.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Han Ji ha.”

“Han Ji ha? Why are you with his phone? What is wrong with him?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all. He’s just drunk.”

“Harry? Got drunk? That’s not true?” he objected as he knew Harry never gets himself drunk. “What do you want?”

“What do you mean by it’s not true and what do you mean by what do I want?” Ji ha asked feeling insulted. “Is it a crime now to help drunk people? Uhn? Is using his phone not enough proof? Or do you think a conscious person would allow a female stranger to call his Hyung? And you call yourself a detective, how exactly do you think.”

Woo jin was taken aback as he was surprised that she knew his name since Harry saved his number as hyung. He was also surprised that she knew he was a detective. “Who are you and how do you know me?”

“Why do you people make me repeat things, uhn. Didn’t I tell you I’m Han Ji ha? Are you going to come here and carry your brother or sit there and ask me questions.”

“Arasso. I’m on my way.”

“Don’t forget to come with your wallet!” she added quickly as that was the main reason she was calling him in the first place.


“Your wallet, don’t forget to come with it.”

Woo jin assumed that Harry drank more than he could pay for and without hesitating, he grabbed his wallet and went out of his office. “Arasso. I’ll be there soon.”

Ji ha disconnected the line and dropped his phone on the table. Sitting down, she shook her head as she watched him. “Your hyung will be here soon.”

Harry opens his eyes slowly and met Ji ha’s gaze. Surprisingly, she held her right hand up and waved it in front of him. “Can you see me?” she asked before turning to ajumma. “He’s not totally drunk.”

Harry stared at Ji ha as he talked to himself. “Why? Why did you do it? Leaving just like that, why did you do it?”

“Eh?” Puzzled, she noticed he wasn’t talking to her while he kept on talking to himself.

“Why did you have to leave me? Park Hye jin! Pabo! Why did you have to leave early like that?”

Ji ha gave him a concerned look as she also talked to no one in particular as the name gives her a spark. “Park Hye jin? Why does the name sounds familiar? Who is Park Hye jin?”

Just then, her eyes went wide opened as she remembered something while Harry’s drunk gaze didn’t stop meeting her eyes.

“Is it by any chance…?”


Episode one ends.



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