Han Ji ha went to Gyeongil police station to make a delivery only for her day to be ruined by the most annoying guy she had ever met. 

….Turning back to leave, she found a guy standing with arms folded at the door making her startled at his silent and sudden appearance.

“Ya! You startled me!” She exclaimed as she walked up to him. “Who are you?” She asked. “Are you by any chance waiting for the squad leader?”

Ignoring her, the guy walked to the desk of the supposed squad leader and sat down going through the book in front of him….


Kim Mi sook went to Haewon Group to inform her son, Lee Joo won, President of Haewon about the most shocking news she had.

…”You should have called me. ” Joo won told her.

“But I did.” Mi sook replied.

“That was after you got here. Mother, this is my workplace. You should…” He was saying before she interrupted him.

“They’re back” She told him.

“What? Who?”.

“Your siblings. They’re back…”


Harry Lee came back to South Korea and united with his hyung, Park Woo jin who left the states before him to become a detective. Woo jin asked Harry why he came back to South Korea and Harry gave him a shocking reply.

…”Revenge.” Harry interrupted him.

“What?” Woo jin asked unsure of if he heard what he said correctly.

“Revenge.” Harry repeated with a straight face. “I came to revenge.”

“Are you crazy? Ya! You rascal! What do you think you’re saying? Revenge? For who? Who do you think you want to get revenge for? Hye jin? My sister? Ya! If there is anyone to get revenge for her, it should be me! But I’m not thinking about that and here you are telling me you want to get revenge.”

“You had the same thought fifteen years ago! You also vowed to get revenge for her!” Harry snapped…


Han Ji ha ended her day by visiting a restaurant Ajumma she was close to only to be surprised at the presence of the guy she never wished to see again. However, this time around, she was left with no choice than to help herself and help him too.

…”All men are the same. He got drunk because of a lady, tch! Ella, my treasure.” Muttering to herself, she sneered at him as she called his hyung and waited for him to pick. “Hello, is this Park Woo jin-sshi?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Woo jin replied after clearing his throat. “Who are you and why are you using Harry’s phone?”

“Harry? Is that his name?” She asked.

Knowing it was an English name, she looked at Harry.

“He looks like a Korean.” She muttered.

“Who are you?” He asked again from the other line.

“I’m Han Ji ha”….


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