In the thickest flimsy halo of the inferno

Surrounded with flaming fire

Choir singing songs of sorrow

Laudable lyrics of their repenting desire.


The bass guitar in weeping trip

With the organ prelude of tears

Panting in agony of gossip

Sounding and shrieking for years.


Song of covetousness

Stealing from the offering bowl

The soprano voice of unfaithfulness

Purging prideful soul.


Music of Truthful lie

From the intelligent sinner

Succulent fornicating body like pie

Screaming and shouting for the living believer.


Oh tiredness!

You are never wanted here

Talking drum is still beating regetfulness

Saxophone of pain is blown without fear.


Where art the bass false teaching

The treble citadel of trouble maker

Here are the auto voices singing indecent dressing

And wailing of the profane seeker.


Oyedokun Ibukun S.


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