Stepping over the bully bullets
Gun powder, red carpet to where we sheltered
Our filthy feet fell over the decay dead
Statues we are when breath departs our nostrils
We are coming home,
we, offsprings of the innocent war
That broke into our cripple walls
Flames of fear whistled from our fences.
We are coming home…
Silence spreads wings at Apadi market
Only luxury graves queue in order
Penniless corpses are brunches for the hungry lions
We are offsprings of a peaceful war.
Only if our schools could rise again
They would rise like a privilege handicap
Obstinate agama wooed its affection
Our classroom walls were their mating beds
Stones we threw only flagged up their tails
As they whispered ‘this is our territory’.
Global word called war posed on our chalk board
Could be rubbed, our hands are shortened.
We are back home…
We are strangers in mama’s eyes
‘We used to be your lovely children’
Our conviction rather left them in confusion
Papas can touch, their sights are lost
Swallow the tears, hope is nearer.


By Ololade Akinlabi(Olholhadey)
© 2016

This piece is dedicated to Internal Displaced Persons (refugees) in northern Nigeria who were sent packing from their homes by Boko Haram.


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