Continuing in a course of action without regards to discouragement, opposition or previous failure.

For every success counted, the determination to adhere to a particular plan of direction must have played a vital role.

In Michele Obama’s last commencement speech as the first lady she said
“You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage, instead its important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantage”

I don’t know if you have lived with that fear of failing, you don’t try out new opportunities because you not sure of perfection.
You don’t want to keep doing the same thing because of past failure.

You don’t achieve success without perseverance; When you give up on the way for the sake of fear, you end up there while others move forward.
I would always say, success is a lousy teacher, you learn everything from failure. When you draw back, just get ready and launch with a new force.

Just like Michele said, we were ill-equiped to encounter our first encounter with disappointment or falling short; No one blames you for failing, we are human, perfection isn’t guarantied. But everyone blames you when you stay on a spot while you have the opportunity to move on.
Everybody sees you as a failure when you cease to prove to them that you got to keep grinding till you win.

Listen! Insistence has it all! You fail, You get up, dust yourself up and keep pushing forward.

We face lots of challenges, that clumsy boss, Unreasonable patients and clients, illness’s, crises and setbacks that will come out of no where but our ability to look past this things and move forward to whatever that’s going to yield result to testimony, is what shows our willingness to win!
Our maturity!
The zeal in us to be great!

Michele inspired this writeup so am ending it using her very own word. She said
“Life would put many obstacle in your part that are far worst than bad grades, but instead of wallowing in shame just like every other youth, you get up, dust your self, Move with the pain and keep moving forward.

Do have a lovely weekend!


-Manuel Phrancis Noledge


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