Tell them,
That Nigeria is never independent.
He is still a man acting like a woman,
He is still passive when he should be active,
He is still a big girl’s blouse,
He can’t even make decision on his own,
He can’t blow his own horn,
He keeps suffering while he is rich,
His head is full of self-centeredness,
He has one body with million heads.

Please tell them,

Nigeria is never Independent.

Let them know,
That Nigeria is never independent.
When his bequest has dominated other places,
While his domicile is battered and tattered,
Scattered and murdered,
In his only body lies million heads.
Where is the unity? Where is the justice?
Where, please tell me, where is change?
Corruption fighting corruption
Immorality fighting immorality
Abnormalities very cheap as chips
Independence that can’t hold a candle
The visionless continue to chase rainbow
No deceit, let them know
Nigeria is never independent.

Please ask them
Ask the poly-tea-cool lead-ass
the ones who are as bent as a nine bob note
and gather ill-gotten gains
Where do they build their magnificent mansions?
Their futures, where do they study?
Please ask them
When will they shift for the upcoming ones?
When will they be back to the salt mines?
No employment, no peace, no unity
They are also asleep at the switch
That makes me wonder aimlessly like a little child
when we celebrate the so-called Independence in Nigeria.

Nigeria is never independent
Please, let us know
How can you tell me we are independent
when our forefathers’ cherishing culture
is now the rags perishing and suffering
How can you tell me we are independent
when we still practice, we still imbibe
we still drink, we still eat
We still do balls to the walls
the colonial masters doctrine
Where is ours’?
All in the name of civilized socialization
There is scarcity of cultural heritage in this nation
Independence that is nothing but a chocolate teapot
Nigeria is never Independent.

Tell them
Nigeria is never Independent
Our Chibok girls, the sex slaves
Boko-ahram, Biafra war
The lead-ass who keep flirting
and swimming in the pool of nation’s wealth
turning deaf ears to the citizens’ uproar
They are the colonial masters
Yet, ignorant myopic ones shout here and there
at the top of their lungs:
“We are independent”
Please tell me, where is it?
Where there is one nation many people
The nation turns to be basket case
And we dare not pass our boundary
to beam them up, Scotty.
Tell them! Let us know!
Nigeria is never Independent.

Happy 56 years anniversary
That’s what we should be celebrating
Yes! Anniversary of the naming ceremony
Yes! The new name
not new nation
not new head
not new doctrine
not new independence.
If we had known things would have remain static like statue
Our name shouldn’t have been changed
Our Anthem should have remain the same
We shouldn’t have had these awesome colors of ours’
Please let us know
Since we can’t blow the cobwebs away
Nigeria is never independent
Let’s go back to the drawing board.

The dwarf of Africa.


Oyedokun Ibukun S. is a Nigerian Poet, playwright and prolific writer.

Having Wolé Şóyínkà as his role model, he is of the view to changing his adorable nation for better and the world at large, through Pen. For “Pen speaks louder than violence”.
Being a Student of English in Univeristy of Ibadan (Affiliated to OSCOED) he specializes in all the Genres of Literature.
His enthusiasm for oeuvre is at the apex, regardless that he was not born with silver spoon. Rather, he chameleons to Pen lover. “Brighter future ahead” he says.


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