Letters from Heaven Anthology: LET'S GO TO HELL!


Before there, let’s branch heaven
Where burden are lessen
Milk and honey flows like water
The graceful saints sit beside the father.

On our way to Hell
Let’s know that God is not cruel
Our mission is for eye opening
After the voyage, everyone must change what he is yearning.

We are now in the path
Ocean of Inferno is the water for bath
Wailing and weeping are what we could hear
Regretfulness and late repentance are also there.

Let’s go to Hell and witness the dances
All forms of dances in the lake of furnace
After the visitation; orientation will change
When your naked eyes will see how mighties are in the cage.

Surprisingly, you will see what shall surprise
Where little things you don’t count are huge things God counts
Where your sanctimonious mindset will be lamenting
“Had I known” will only be word you will be uttering.

In Hell, you will see the reward of hypocrisy
Also seen are the payback of immorality
When we talk and you say our mouth stink
I think it will be good when you share in the inferno’s drink.



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