1960 till date…


*1960 till date*

Yesterday, a day that clings
In our memory
As if the cloud would confine
Light-antonym not to rule
Then our celebrations would
Have been awaken till now…

At last!!
With coercion we are
Offsprings of independence
In-dependence our bones
And spirit crushed
We fertile the land yet
We starved..
We traded our inherited ego
With glittering gold
Our complexion no longer our pride
Under the obnoxious apartheid

Alas! The lost memories are back to our senses
Independence now an epitome of experiences we had
Worse, not better than we
Our backbones lament
Why being crushed by kin complexions?

Our patience is anxious
Awaiting the heavenly Messiahs to grant us genuine


Picture Credit: EurekaMagazine


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