#FlashFiction: I Tried Something New

Zaram is a member of the Spyglass Writers’ Club. She’s fast becoming a crazy story-teller.


Hey friends. Thanks for the awesome support so far. I am indeed grateful. To everyone of you who have visited, read, commented and liked my posts, I am grateful.:D

Now, a friend of mine Macwanted wants me to harness the story writing skill and I decided to give it a trial.
Truth be told, I am quite a poor writer when dealing with stories. I think I still do better with my poems.

I remember one time when Debby,wanted to check out my writing skills in 100level and we decided to do a writing competition. I can’t forget how embarrassed I was at her ceaseless laughter. Man! The writing was bad for a university student. In her words, I wrote like a primary school pupil(okay, not exactly her words).

Well, the thing is I never really grew beyond the normal “there was lived a boy” that I was…

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