SPECIAL FEATURE: SpyTheme Volume Two – Light and Darkness


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THEME: Light and Darkness
DEDICATION: For all the silent heroes wrestling against Life daily…
May your battles go with the South-Westerly winds,
May you reach the Light at the end of your Dark tunnels.

Oyedokun Ibukun S.:

I’ve tasted the two,
The light and darkness.

I’ve tasted darkness,
That was back in the days,
When I was of the world,
I couldn’t see beyond,
I’ve tasted darkness.

I’ve tasted and still tasting the light.
The light that arrested my dark sight,
Its single drop takes over its antonym,
From afar, it elates like the hymn.
I’m tasting the light.

Akpan David:

Immediately I woke up, straining my weak eyeballs so I could undress the heavily dressed darkness.
I heard the cock crow but I knew not the time.
All I really wanted at this moment was a glimpse of light.
“Ouch!” I exclaimed happily and painfully as I rammed my long pointed nose on the cold bulb switch.

Dada Oluwaseun:

Ironically, they are intimate friends.
Never seen each other;
Never stand to talk;
Never do things in common;
But still meet the necessity of life.
None of them can be forgone.
One white; the other black
One give birth to day,
While the other – night.
One stainless; the other filthy.
One free; the other – full of blame.

How can we entrust ourselves in both?
Light is preferable but darkness is indeed needed.

Emmanuel Adesanya:

I wandered. My sword dangling in my hand.
I stumbled upon fallen brothers.
Flies were wandering unrestricted into the abyss of their open mouths.
Their eyes stared unseeingly at me.
They assured me that I will never forget their sight till my death.

Arrows whistled past me but I made no attempt to dodge.
A cloud covered the moon, yet, those mounds of stiffening flesh made their presence known.
I felt a heavy thump in my chest. I knew what it was, but I felt no pain.
The sword dropped; my eyes dimmed and I felt my back hit the bloodied earth.
The vision of those unseeing eyes filled my mind’s sight as my eyes closed themselves.

Akinwale Peace:

“Seeing is Believing” as the doubting Thomas,
Darkness is deceiving as light fades out.
Light seems glorious as haven on earth.

Darkness portrays the demon world,
As it wipes happiness and smiles on the faces of the meekly ones,
As the serpent deceived Eve at the garden with soothing words.

Light gleams the world of all,
With its solitude of sun, moon and star to make bright: the world.
A tip of light at night ease the world and beams at Noble’s worth.

Philip Peace
“words from the innocent mind”

Manuel Phrancis:

Light conquers darkness;
Darkness overshadows light.

I always come first in our class then, but our first term in JSS 2 was a hell of a term I won’t forget; Folake took the first position.
She has always been the dumbest. Hated by almost all our teachers.
Her Darkness Overshadowed my Light.

Light is life, it takes away darkness but on occasions, darkness seems to take the lead.

A human life is lost; Darkness won!
A loser wins; Light conquers!

Seen it in this manner:
It won’t be wrong to ascertain that whenever there’s Light in one’s life, darkness must have taken over other person’s.

Light and darkness are like the spermatozoa and the egg; they can’t do without each other.
Friends that never go together.
It’s either darkness or light.
Always in each other’s story.

Opara Chizaram Adaobi:

You leave when I come.
And when you are there,
I’m not.
You are dark
And I am light,

Complete opposites,
Yet similar.
You darken;
I illuminate.

They say unlike poles attract,
And like a magnet you do attract.

We can never be together,
The world has told us this.
We are worlds apart,
Enemy nations.

But perhaps we can be,
We can defy
Their predictions.

Perhaps one day
You’ll feel comfortable
With me and vice versa.
But till then
We remain Light and Darkness:
Opposing Forces…

Akinlabi Ololade:

Beyond the light,
Comes the frowned night,
With its mystery power of darkness,
Enrolling blindness into our eyes,
In artificial light lies our helping hands,
We cannot see beyond…

Take a look at the sky,
Your power comes from above, beyond our height.
For in light our revenge power dwells…
Not as sooner as we may think,
A journey of revolvement as slow as a snail,
We cannot watch but to sleep patiently to await light and darkness reconciliation.

Akapo Temitopeoluwa Bridget:

What is Light? What is Darkness?
What if light really is darkness and darkness is light?
What separates Light from Darkness?
What resides in darkness and not light?
What puts them together?
What separates them?

Why does light give Pain? Why does darkness give Life?

Dwelled in both, I have.
Bathed in both, I have.
Tried to confine both,
Tried to balance them, I have.
But Failed, I have.

©The Spyglass Writers’ Club 2016


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