Affliction of the UP Syndrome

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Opara Chizaram Adaobi says:

“You think you are the Perfect One,
With Chromosomes numbering Twenty-Three,
Because you are Perfect in my Imperfection:
You must be suffering from the Up Syndrome.”

Really, I cannot help but agree with Chizaram. I know I’m dragging Religion into this yet again, but this time, God is safe from my hands – the objects and focus of my rants today are humans. Yes, humans like me, unfortunately.

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When God created man, He intended for us to lean on Him for everything. He meant to be our Sufficiency. He wanted us to depend on Him for absolutely everything we needed. However, the only mistake this Good Old Man made was to endow us with Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. The truth is that we’ve always been like God ever before Adam stupidly succumbed to Eve’s wiles and ate that implicating apple.
Now, for those who will disagree, check this out:
God told Adam to take care of the garden Eden and to be Lord and Master over all creation. He even allowed this first guy to name all the animals. Now, that’s genius! You can name any animal in the world and have it at the back of your mind that Adam first gave each and every one of them a name, albeit in Eden’s tongue.
So, what does this means?
Simple! God was the first inventor and the premier naming ceremony officiating minister (Adam and Eve). However, if you are searching for a second inventor and naming ceremony officiating minister, Adam is, or rather, was your guy!
(Screaming) Cuz he named all the animals!
(I mean, the answer to that is pretty obvious, after I already provided a close hint in one of the forgone paragraphs.)
Also, right after Adam and his greedy girlfriend, Eve, fell from God’s good books, he invented the first human clothing with common leaves! And he even did so before God had the chance to do it! That guy outsmarted his own Creator! Now, that’s simply genius!
If God had know then (I guess all the twenty-four elders were on suspension then), He would have simply retracted all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding he had given to Man. But, His eyes must have been closed to the possibility that man could one day rebel against his own Maker!

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So, because of the wisdom, knowledge and understanding we were given at creation’s early days, which we did not deserve, we began to think that God’s provisions for us are not enough. We became insatiable and we began to lean away from the all-encompassing love of God. We began to believe we are wise in our sights and that we could afford to be independent of the only Source of our supposed mental strength. Hence, we started inventing things. We invented things that were at first good, but in the end turned out to be our own ends.
Cars, explosives, ammunitions, airplanes, machines – these things, they are killing us!
Accidents, mass destructions, deaths, crashes, climate changes, global warming – these are the end results of our human wisdom!

We worry too much. And in our worrying, we conceive imperfect solutions to our own self-created problems: solutions that end up dissolving us. In our thinking that we are as wise as our own Maker, we are leading our own earth to its eventual death!
It’s such a pity that we have been dancing to the tune of the age-long adage, “Pride goes before a fall”, and we don’t even know it!
Let’s face it: We are proud! And we have fallen; we are falling and we still continue to fall until we can fall no more!
A pot can never be greater than the potter! A creation can never be greater than its own Creator! We can never be greater than the One who made us and gave us all the virtues we now pride upon! The day the tree starts to rebel against its own planter, it gets cut down! Simple.

Have you ever observed the activities of a person with Down Syndrome before? If you have, then you’ll understand what I’m about to say. If you haven’t, then pay absolute attention to the words you’re about to read!
If and when you want to experience the true meaning of the word “Play”, then make sure you stay at least thirty minutes around these guys (that’s if you last up to that). I mean, these guys can play for Africa. The extremely outgoing ones among them have these endless sources of energy that will wear yours down in less down a minute.
And you know why they find it easy to play so hard?
It’s because they entertain no worries! These guys have no cares. Bad situations hardly weigh them down. They take life so easy that it’s quite hard to see any of them in a foul mood. And if you are unfortunate enough to see one in a bad mood, trust me, it usually does not last long. Within minutes, they are up again, tearing life apart.
Little things impress them. Simple things fascinate them. They have simple, small demands. No matter how old they are, they are always children at heart. You see this in their obvious vulnerability and their too-trusting attitudes toward others.
Even in their worst state, their dependability is amazing. They trust you to speak for and with them, lead them, play with them…they trust you to do everything for them!
Now, you may see that as a disadvantage, but believe me, that, to me, is the highest form of obedience to God’s will.


Somewhere in the bible, I can remember God asking us to cast our cares upon Him and allow Him to give us rest. Even Matthew records it somewhere in his book where he quoted Jesus to have said “Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more important than meat, and the body than raiment?”

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God wants us to have total dependence upon Him. He wants us to enjoy our lives here on earth, knowing that there is a being greater than us, who is watching out for us. Whether we like to believe it or not, God’s got our back! And whether we want to believe it or not, worrying kills!
When you worry too much, life becomes uninteresting to you. And in your own mortal bid to make it interesting, you end up making senseless mistakes that lead to your deserved destruction!

Why can’t we be like people with Down Syndrome?
Why can’t we just forget all worries and sorrows and play?
Why can’t we just depend totally on the One who knows our beginnings and definitely holds our ends in His hands?
Why can’t we just stop holding on to things and simply let go and trust, trust and trust?

Have you ever wondered why Down Syndrome carriers most times live longer than we “supposed” 46 chromosomes carriers?
It’s because they play! They don’t care what life throws at them; they still go ahead and play it off!
And for your information, medical reports have ascertained that people who play (exercise) and worry less tend to live longer than those who don’t.
Ask anywhere! Quote me anywhere!

Unfortunately, our pride won’t let us do this. We so much believe in our own abilities that we forget totally that we were not meant to solve our own problems. And yet and yet again, persons living with Down Syndrome have proven that they are not only created in God’s REAL image, but that they are also the only ones living under God’s will for all His creations.

John Bunyan says:

“He that is DOWN,
Needs fear no fall;
He that is low, no PRIDE;
He that is humble,
Shall ever have God to be his GUIDE.”

That summarises it all. That is the crux of my arguments. Being Down or Low signifies humility and submission to a higher will; on the other hand, being Up or High is tantamount to just one thing: PRIDE!

So, I say again: if we are looking down on persons with Down Syndrome and thinking that we are better than them, then, we are the proud ones – We are indeed afflicted with the more pathetically acute UP Syndrome.

And yet again and again, I insist: Pride goes before Destruction!

*Chizaram is a Spyglassite.

4:15pm; 31-08-2016

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