SPECIAL FEATURE: SpyTheme Periodical Vol. One

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Volume: One
Theme: Support for person(s) with Down Syndrome
Dedication: For Nechamah Foundation

Emmanuel Adesanya writes:

Hold me; Lead me; Keep me,
I am a gold mine,
And my treasures are hidden right under your nose.

Watch me; Respect me; Love me,
I am not different from you,
I’m just a living projection of your fears and weaknesses.

Oyedokun Ibukun S. writes:

To the Twin-Error Twin

Who We are:
Beloved Ones in God’s Retina,
Replica in our facial face,
Like monozygotic twin phase,
We dream and dine like humanity.
We are also human in mentality…

Who are We?
You treat us like dead being,
Turning deaf ears to our cry,
Like we are bad lucks; you never reply,
The hatred is at Zenith.
Yet! We are all dust beneath…

Ololade Akinlabi writes:

Awake your Cares

This is who we are;
Not who we chose to be.
Our destinies are clearer enough,
Only for those whose care dwell in their eyes,
Not in their sleeping consciences…

This is where we are;
Not where we chose to be.
Isolation is our homeland.
Bring it to their lost-found memories,
That we are replica of the Heaven-Earth Creators.

Our bones and veins are stronger,
Only chromosomes are shorter, yet we are gallant.

Akapo Bridget Temitope writes:

No one’s Better!

You smile, I smile
Everything you do, I can do, so I tell you.
No one’s Better!

You close your heart to me.
Your doors never await my arrival.
You Laugh at me; I wipe my tears.

You see me as a disease: You turn your back at my outstretched hand
You see yourself as perfect;
Come, see PERFECTION through me.
No one’s Better!
Take my hand let’s walk this mile together.

Isibor Anita writes:

Just as You:

I might be Down with the Syndrome,
But that does not make me a drum:
To be beaten and ridiculed.
I am of flesh and blood – just as you are.
I have feelings and thoughts – just as you do.
I am indeed not less of a human.
With a loud cry of anguish,
Probe your heart:

“Why can’t you accept me just as I am?”

Moshood Bukola writes:

Creatures of God we are,
Yet looked down upon.
Epitome of treasures,
Yet neglected.
Genius, yet despised.
We are like a black pot,
That brings forth white pap.
We are human,
Not objects of desolation.

Opara Chizaram Adaobi writes:

Thoughts are hard to coordinate,
Speeches are difficult to articulate,
Life itself is cumbersome.
To add Down Syndrome to its pains.

I’m striving to live – a normal life
I’m trying my best – to coordinate
My speech, my movement, my intelligence
Yet you seem to make my trials worse.

You think you are the Perfect One
With a chromosome numbering Twenty-Three
Because you are Perfect in my Imperfection:
You must be suffering from the Up Syndrome.

Support a Child/Person with Down Syndrome today.
Contact The Nechamah Foundation through:

Facebook Page: The Nechamah Foundation
Twitter: @thenechamahF
Instagram: @the_nechamah_foundation
Blog: Nechamahfoundation.wordpress.com

The Spyglass Writers’ Club 2016


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