I Found It!

images (51)</a

After wondering aimlessly like a little child
Peeping and always inquisitive in all relationships
Looking for what was not lost
Finally, I found it.

After my discoveries in all dating
Some are just by mere mouth
Only what they will eat they are looking for
Finally, I found it.

With all the rumours
Saying it's like looking for visible air
alongside interested in holding it
Finally, I found it.

images (50)

Where I found is unpredictable
Who I’m I when there is concord
He can release his eye for her blindness
Finally, I found it.

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A Nigeria Poet, playwright and prolific writer.
Having Wolé Şóyínkà as his role model, he is of the view to changing his adorable nation for better and the world at large, through Pen. For “Pen speaks louder than violence”.
Being a Student of English in Univeristy of Ibadan (Affiliated to OSCOED) he specializes in all the Genres of Literature.
His enthusiasm for oeuvre is at the apex, regardless that he was not born with silver spoon. Rather, he chameleons to Pen lover. “Brighter future ahead” he says.


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