Pick-less but not Stick-less

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If you see me from far
Distance, you will know that I am the one
If you see me from near
Distance, you will know that I am the one
Because I am known by everyone
From everywhere with rags I use as clothes
If I lie, I say the truth
If I say the truth, I lie.

You will see me with my stick
Which creates signal for pick
That comes from you
And I pray for you
Till you give me dole from
Your pocket, I pray as I
Depart from you to meet
Others to ask for pick.

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Everyone knows me with pick
Which I get to the hand
Through the mouth and stick
From hand
And I stretch out other hand
To ask for pick
From the pick.

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I wish I could stop asking for pick
From the pick
Because the more I ask,
The more pick
They have
While I struggle to have
A loaf of bread
To stop starvation
But I could not be like them
Because the givers are always at the top
While beggars like myself
Are always at the base
We never grow to make
Pick and to stop begging for pick
From elite but
I can be like them
If my destiny wants it.

©Boldie 2016


Onike Omotolani is a student of University of Ibadan, currently in the department of History, 100 level.
He likes reading poems, fictional pieces and historical facts and figures. He also likes writing and chatting with people from all walks of life to gain more knowledge.
He strongly believes in a radical approach to life issues.


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