Oh Wind! (A Tribute to the Breath of Heaven)


From the enclosure
Where the melon
Was kept to have
Less moisture
And to cauldron
In the kitchen
Suddenly, the wind
Blew by and melon
Got scattered
And got the day dried.

From my house,
You toss the kites on high
And disturb the bats on sky
From my eyes,
You passed all around
Like a barmaid’s skirt passes
All across the grass.

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Wind, why do you us bad?
Why do you hide?
Why do you push?
Why can’t we see you?

Owing to your unseen,
You are strong and bold
Who knows whether you are young or old?
Who knows whether you are human or spirit?
You command the kings
As queen consorts dance to their shoes.

Tornado in the American plains

Oh wind, that commands trees to bow down
Oh wind, that surmounts the seas and oceans
I also bow while I pick my race
During the course of your race

Who disturbs the part of rose
And ranunculus
And drops them on the hill;
You echo and disturb
The night with sound
And put the day on rebound.

©Boldie 2016


Onike Omotolani is a student of University of Ibadan, currently in the department of History, 100 level.
He likes reading poems, fictional pieces and historical facts and figures. He also likes writing and chatting with people from all walks of life to gain more knowledge.
He strongly believes in a radical approach to life issues.


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