A Chat with God

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The Day had just yawned, opening
His blue cloud and
Stretching his body back to life

‘Hello Father!’
It said and
The morning sun smiled.
‘How’s your night?’
Smiling sun laughed.
‘Where did you even sleep today, Lord?’
Brilliant sun shined intensely from the east.
‘Chuckles, so how bout other areas…?’
The wind moved sweeping in all directions.
‘Oh! Now I think I understand,
Lord, you are so awesome’

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‘So, King of Kings
How’s today gonna be?’

The clouds began to move here and there.
‘Yea yea, I know I have to work
But what’s your special plan for me?’

There and then, blooming flowers shook.
At the gentle tap of the wind.

‘Wow! Your plan for me is beautiful’
“But one last question Messiah
‘where do I start in order for your plan
To manifest?’”

Master Wind swept through tress and
They all bowed north-wards
*surprised* North?…
But north is quite crowded
How do I survive?’

Silver birds perched,
Eating fruits they didn’t plant.

images (34)

‘Jeez Lord, you’re d best
Thanks a gazillion times’

The birds chuckled…
‘I gatto go Dad…
I’ll chat u up when I get back’

And the winged creature dived away
Into Air’s freedom.

©Richoffor Moses 2016


Moses N. Richoffor studies Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan.
He majors in Public Relations and Advertising.
A silent poet, he believes in the power of the Word to move mountains.

You may reach him through:
08189629362 (Whatsapp and Call)


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