HIBEEKAY: Set Before Pilate


The innocent saviour of the world
Force of false witness
Committing murderer in his nomenclature
“Crucify the wicked”

The man of light finger
Highest degree in kleptocracy
Myopic in his career
“Free him totally”

Slow to act like poison
Up and down; left to right
Slapped for no reason
“He must leave like flying flight”

Tasteful taste of his tongue
Must have used that for persuasion
Promising the unachievable gong
“Our man of chameleon”

Econmist of the highest order
Five loaves of bread and two fishes-
fed five thousand people with left over
Less expensive were goods.

In disguise; he lives
Trying to fight what is his cloth
Increase has taken over like disease
Hand is difficult to reach the mouth.

“Barnabas or Jesus?”
Blindly sights chose ignorantly whom to follow
Judgment that knows not what tomorrow holds
Justice of shallow shadow
Pilate innocently wash his hands.


A Nigerian Poet, playwright and prolific writer.
Having Wolé Şóyínkà as his role model, he is of the view to changing his adorable nation for better and the world at large, through Pen. For “Pen speaks louder than violence”
Being a Student of English in Univeristy of Ibadan (Affiliated to OSCOED), he specializes in all the Genres of Literature.
His enthusiasm for oeuvre is at the apex, regardless that he was not born with silver spoon. Rather, he chameleons to Pen lover. “Brighter future ahead” he says.

Full name: Oyedokun Ibukun S.
Email address: ibukunoyedokun08@gmail.com
Phone number(s): 08079411072/ 08079411072


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