Brain Behind Beauty


So! So! Funny and interesting
Can’t stop laughing
Young and Old
Make it their need
So!So! Funny
Applying trashes to get Beauty
Does everyone has Aesthetics?
Getting it by all means.

Come here and tell me
Speciality of the Artificial Beauty
Dabbling face when sweating
To avoid Make-up vanishing
Putting Destiny under Coven
To show and satisfy everyone.

Ayamatanga! in form
Your Precious hand has become
So! So! nauseating
Seeing someone bleaching
Applying Spirit to have Teddy
Alongside Goatee
Keeping Lips inside Blood and Oil
Contribute not to Beauty Call.

Be it as it may
Being Natural surpasses all prey
Be who you are
Stop trying to satisfy all power
Have it in mind
Fearfully and Wonderfully made.

Oyedokun Ibukun Stephen 2016


A Nigeria Poet, playwright and prolific writer.
Having Wolé Şóyínkà as his role model, he is of the view to changing his adorable nation for better and the world at large, through Pen. For “Pen speaks louder than violence”.
Being a Student of English in Univeristy of Ibadan (Affiliated to OSCOED) he specializes in all the Genres of Literature.
His enthusiasm for oeuvre is at the apex, regardless that he was not born with silver spoon. Rather, he chameleons to Pen lover. “Brighter future ahead” he says.


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