BEYOND… (Lass_Psezy makes a Debut)

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A stroll into the land of Hades put it together,
The madness ain’t starting here; it started there…
It improved; got upgraded,
The heat makes her shiver in cold.

“The fear created a shield around the ice in her.
Probably it was on her: What do you think?
I dunno; didn’t get to see much from where I sat.
It was in her; speaking its voice; created a crack in the land.

No! That was His voice; the Great Hades voice!
How sure are you?
Who did you see talking?
No one. I swear he had his Cap on.
What cap?
I have his cap on”

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The ice started to melt; her fear started to flee.
The other madness took over – the Madness that takes the soul.
There was a Battle for the crumbs of ice,
There was a lot of blood from the eyes,
A lotta “I’m so tired” after tons of tries!

“Its happening; He’s winning.
Yea Sure. Who cares? He always does.
I wish he’d not win:

Fight! Child, fight!
She can’t win, not when it’s him.

Run! Child, run!
How far can she go?
She’s in his land.

Faith! Child, Faith…
It never works the magic.

Hold on. Child, hold on.”

The fear evaporated and the sense flew back in.
The ice had melted.
She dropped to the floor dead.
But then, it happened.
It all came together…
Then it happened; what never has…
Then it happened, Ice came back together;
The crumbs found themselves and held on.

“Impossible! I choose not to believe.
Well-done child, now I can die.”


Oh well, I’m Akapo Temitopeoluwa Bridget, a 100l Historian.


I’m not your everyday girl.
I’m quite friendly (in my own way).
I’m a loyalist.
I despise discrimination and I believe that the only time you’re having fun is when you’re helping another person reach his/her dreams.

Facebook: Akapo Bridget Temitope.
IG: Lass_Psezy1.
WhatsApp: 08102191122


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