Poet’s Note:
“Hey there!
I’ll bet you 50% out of 100% that you won’t understand this piece. Now, I’m even being generous with that 50%.
Of course! You are not meant to understand it. That’s why it’s called “Mind Games”.
It’s meant to look meaningless to you.
It’s not for folks with little Brains and small Minds.
It’s for folks like me…with an extra everything!”



I see Red,
Everywhere I look,
And flashes of Green,
When Angels stray my path.

Who are You?
Friend or Foe?
Are your Thoughts as Pure?
Do I need to Run?
Or will you help me Walk?


I have Five Fingers.
How many have you got?
When Life sings a lullaby,
My feet can find their Way.
I know there’s Night and Day.
Are there Rivers in my Eyes?

I just want to Laugh,
And Run and Fly like Eagles.
I just want to Smile,
And Live beyond My Limits:
Little Joe’s decades;
The dozen of a half?
And just one more!

3:17pm; 2-08-2016
Photo Credit: Google; Down Syndrome Foundation, Nigeria; Nechamah Foundation

To support a Child/Person with Down Syndrome, contact The Nechamah Foundation through:

Creative Writing Dpt, TNF 20160731_143817

Facebook Page: The Nechamah Foundation
Twitter: @thenechamahF
Instagram: @the_nechamah_foundation

Give “them” a reason to live.


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