Missing Sight (For the blind…)

Suddenly we lost our sights

Our light now our night  
All day long darkness is what we can see

Our children are no longer imageries in our retina

To exile darkness has sent them

In melancholy we dwell yet we can’t cry

In the hands of helping hands our direction lies

Be it consistent inconsistent

Who are we to complain?

As choices have left us without no choice

In confusion, voices have dumped us into

Leaving us to mix identities

Oh God! Heaven-earth maker!

Yesterday we yawn for a hopeful tomorrow

Today, we mourn a wasted yesterday

Why are we blind?

Could it be our sins?

Darkness, for once exit my world

Want to see my hard labour fruits again

My fruits have grown up to be damsel

For once exit my world

To say I love you to their sights

And not to their voices

Cruel darkness

Mute to my pleads…
Specially dedicated to the blinds deeply from my heart…




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