ÀBÈKÉ… (From the 'FOR THE BELOVED' Anthology)

*For Joy
Àbękę o

Àbękę Owó

Àbękę o

Àbękę Òjò

Àbèké is a beloveth also

Acronym of Àbękę I follow.

Blooms like flower

Beautiful is her bouncing career

Beloveth that looks after

Beloved I will always remember

Brainbox; that’s her

Brave enough to face danger.

Elegant like a queen

Epitome of tranquil action

Eloquent in diction

Endowed with aesthetics from Heaven

Extraordinary is her possession

Extemporaneous is her advice; still best option.

Kind to the needy

Kingdom of God her priority

Keen in keeping company

“Keep it up”; she says to my Poetry

Kerchunk she gives me

Kindly nods her head when I’m moody.

Extremely joyful to my Progress

Expectant to my success

Elucidator to my distress

Exercises patience to circumstance

Embraces attention from friends

Emotive is the Àbękę I’m sending this.

Poet: Oyedokun Ibukun S.




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