I have studied the greats and I discovered that they all one thing in common which is the zeal to learn. That is, a reader today, a leader tomorrow.

Our poor reading culture is the cause of Africa failure. Abraham Lincoln said and I quote “I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser than he was yesterday” and Henry Ford says “When you stop learning, you are old whether at 20 or at 80, when you keep learning, you are young whether at 20 or at 80, the best thing therefore to do is to keep you mind young, so age is of the mind not of the days”…. Another man says “When you stop learning you are dead & it is most time a silent death”.

You have to be ahead to become a successful head.


Permit me to share the story of Benjamin Franklin with you, according to history, Benjamin Franklin has (3) three years of former education, he became an apprentice in a printing shop, he gathered the money given to him to buy lunch to buy books.
Benjamin Franklin then taught himself how to read and write, he quickly discovered what makes a leader. He grew to found a National News Paper, a University and became one of the for most America leaders who single handedly negotiated the French support for the revolution.
If you like to know, today, there is Benjamin Franklin day observed in America as a public holiday.

I will like to share another story of Micheal Farade with you, an apprentice in a printing shop as well, as a printer boy, he was able to put together the lectures of Omfry Davies, a notable scientist in their days and bounded it, then pass it to him as a gift.
According to the biographer, Micheal was too small to be seen by anybody, he was a poor boy, but applied wisdom in everything he does. When the Lab Attendant of Omfry Davies resigned, the scientist remembered that there was a boy who gave me a bounded the other time, he then rode in his horse back to go and look for him. He found him and ask that “would you like to my Lab Attendant ?”, the boy then became a Lab Attendant. The biographer said at 44, Micheal became the most acclaimed scientist of his time. He became the envy of a Professor. That was how Micheal Farade grew.

That is how learning makes leader, so don’t forget that the purpose of life is having a life purpose.

Adejumo Kabir, a Motivational writer and Societal Critic, is a member of Spyglass Writers’ Club. He is also a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
He runs the OAU News Track Platform and he blogs at adejumokabir.blogspot.com


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