EDUCATED ILLITERATES (Hibikay Breaks Words Again!)




Educated Illiterates


Educated Illiterates!

The killers of dreams

Villains of Goals

Obliterators of Aspirations.


Sagacity is like a Snake

that crawled on a Rock

Without traces

Let alone, two faces.

Nonagenarian in the tattered village not in the city

Are more noteworthy than the so called educated ones on duty.


Passed through school as root passes through stem

Never allow school to pass through them.

Beings of public ignorancy

Preferring their families to be in stagnancy.


As the day chameleons

Their aims are to impose

famous professions on infants

And ignore their areas of specializations.


The village Nonagenarian stated

Are they really educated?

Being of more pain to the society

Than the actual illiterate entity

Lackadaisical to society roles

Lackadaisical to community forwardness.


Telling children to mind their own business

Because of helping people in distress

Denial of sending daughters to unisex schools

But, females only schools.


Word like humanity never exist in their Dictionary

Feelings and emotions are elusive in their Diary

Lackadaisical to the consideration of others well being

Their Globe is restricted to their self centred thought as a being.


Cautioned by actual illiterate when wrong

Turn deaf ears, since, they are headstrong.

Beings that were trained

But lack the usage of the training they have gained.


Educated Illiterates!

Beings like button on an Elevator

Either take someone up

or down!


I have noted that

When things go wrong

I should not go wrong with them.








Oyedokun Ibukun S. is a student of University of Ibadan in affiliation with Osun state college of Education.

He is the runner up at Genius Thinkers Poetry contest 2016.

He is an Author, Poet,Writer and Playright. Being a Student of English, he has gotten a Poem collection “Unhindered Goal” though, not yet published but hoping for.


Full name: Oyedokun Ibukun Stephen.

School: University of Ibadan in affiliation with Osun state college of education.

Level: 200L.

Department: English Education.

Faculty: Education.


Phone number: 08079411072


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