ÀWÈRÓ (The Reminiscences of a Bard)


Photo Credit: Capitol Media

Photo Credit: Capitol Media


Awero, night before yesterday night

Behind the bricks when all eyes

Had lost there consciousness

And that always smiling spherical shaped thing call the moon  splashed

Light on you

Acceleration takes over my blood circulation

Deep down my retina, Youur imagery wallow…….


Awero, a night before today’s

Right their in your presence

Boldness departed my courageous paradise…..

Triumph ran through my saliva

Leaving my lip stutter like an

Helpless handicap….

You kept smiling out your dimple

Could that be a jest?


Awero, tonight, a night  tears

Clap fingers across my eyes

Leaving my pen as a speaking

Tongue to lament your absence

After exiting my sight

To the metropolis……..

…..then the departed boldness

is back to my courageous paradise

after long over due.




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