Gradually the light goes off in the heavens

Causing the sky to take a dark complexion

With an heavy eyes and pregnant mood

To prep the sphere for the wind to whistle

For dresses and leaves to wave, even like tatad flags

Not considering whether the sun is off or on


Ojo de!

The thunder drums aloud

Even the gods take our picture with a flash camera

And everywhere fades, as though the day is setting to sleep

Causing song lyrics of the young and old to clash

[Rain, rain, go away, come again another day, little children want to play Vs Ojo ma ro, ojo ma ro, tire ni mo fe (x2)]


Please don’t just rain

But cause a reign to the yield of our hoeing and sowing

While not encouraging  waters to overflow their banks


– Peter Oluwaseun Adetiba




Peter Adetiba, Pen Name: Mammoth, is a master pen pusher who also shares the belief that the Soul needs to situate its own distinct voice in the world it lives in. This belief, he expresses, in his write-ups and other artistic activities like graphic designing. He is a graduate of the Communication and Language Arts department, University of Ibadan.


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