Sometimes you are comfortable with your life and the way things are going. But then, someone walks into your life and starts pressurizing you to move out of your shell, to try a little harder, to learn a new art, to read, to write, to wake up earlier and to try a new trade.
They become a mentor to you and start taking you on classes you didn’t pay or ask for.
Even though you didn’t ask for it, they are trying to fulfill a purpose in your life – to bring you to a higher capacity of operation in you which is alien to your ‘comfortable’ life. They are trying to pull you out of your comfort zone and expose you to a greater you.
Mohammed Ali became a boxer because a police man heard him boasting about how he will beat-up the two boys that stole his bicycle. The police man advised him to join the boxing gym. The cop trained him. The stories of Mike Tyson and Usain Bolt are very similar.It happens all the time in history.

But as humans, some times we fall into the temptation of instinctively fighting what is strange to us. So you may sometimes find yourself fighting your new self that the person is trying to brig forth. You may find yourself fighting the person, or arguing with their suggestions. You may find yourself rejecting great ideas from this person with sentences like “this is not me, I know the kind of person I am. I cannot do this…” And so on.

Yes, that is not you. A better you is not you, a better you is someone you aim to be. Sometimes we bore this mentors out, Isolate them and weed them out of our social cycle as the enemy. Just so we can stick to the group of nut heads who will never try to push us to become better persons, ever.
That must be the experience that inspired the quote “Always be with people that bring out the best in you”. Dave Partner




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