Top ten things to do before you leave the University.

The University is an incredible time in your life. The University is really a “universe in a city ”. There are so many important things you could do to make your life a happy and interesting one and those memories would make you even happier when you leave.

Join a club or society that does something you have a passion for.

Go to your favorite sports team’s game and support them by screaming and cheering them on with a very loud voice to the amazement of others.

Participate in a competition and see how competitive you can be. However,  remember the spirit of sportsmanship.

Play a prank on your roommates. It will be so fun.

Have a bank account only for saving and no withdrawal. It is very essential for rainy days.

Take part in a protest for a good cause.

Visit some interesting places in the town where your university is located.

Learn a new sport or an instrument that you never imagined you would.

Create your own movie using your phone, laptop or camera showing your friends, best moments and places.

Make sure you go for your dinners and have fun. Also, attend on-campus events.

Written by Akinlosose Ayomikun Faith

I am Akinlosose Ayomikun Faith, a 200L student of the department of CLA in the University of Ibadan. I am from the family of four. I hail from Ondo state in Nigeria. Writing gives me the ability and avenue to fully and clearly express myself. I started writing because I loved speaking and due to this I had to improve on my writing and also my older brother was a good motivator for me to keep writing.
My philosophy in life is do unto others what you want them to do to you and for you to be great you have to do things that have not been written in books. I write so as to motivate people, make their lives better, happier and purpose-driven.

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