You can



“You can! You can!”
The silent voice whispered to my ears.
“You can! You can!”
Only if you neglect negatively
and dump the words of fellow brothers!
The voice wouldn’t stop talking.
My spirit and soul has seperated from my body,
My brain has walked away from its cover cloth.
Emptiness has laughed at me!
Depression has smiled its smile and impossibility has governed my thought! but yet,
“You can! You can!”
Keeps ringing loud like that school bell over there!
I have heard my brothers words,
I have taken their thoughts that its impossible to swim through Atlantic ocean.
And I have believed that Mr death awaits those that pass through Sahara desert!
But still possessing my head:
“You can! You can!”
The road seem narrow and thin….
The battle seem stressful and tiresome…..
The load seem heavy and overwhelming……
Success seem impossible…..
But: “You can! You can!” I hear!
I took a bold step by moving close to Atlantic ocean!
I swam the waters proudly and unafraid……
“Oh yes I can!”
I walked through Sahara dessert and murdered Mr death……
“Oh yes I can!”
The road was indeed narrow and thin but my fat body passed through it.
“Oh yes I can”
I fought the battle,
stressful and tiresome but I won!
“Yes I can! Yes I can!”
It was heavy and overwhelming
But trust my very sincere heart,
I carried the load ashore!
Not with the brains, Not with paper,Not with magic, I achieved success!
And permit me to say
“I can! I can!”
“If I can! I can!”
“You can! You can!”


(C) Spyglass2016


BY: annie

Isibor Anita is a student studying Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan. She believes the world can be changed through sincere writing.



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