The Fordsworth’s Case – Episode One


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The door of Emilia’s office burst open and Marvin walked in, his face wide with excitement. 

“You’ve got no idea what great news is peeping through your windows!”. He exclaimed loudly.

Emilia looked up dryly at her dear man friend and fellow partner. He was an handsome guy with an average height and killer looks but that didn’t qualify him to be a gentleman to her. Bursting into her office like that was something she was used to and complaining would get her nowhere, but exclaiming that loud really distracted her from what she was thinking about. She was not really thinking about something important, But all the same, she was thinking. Sighing, she fixed her gaze on the hardworking, honest, loving and caring bachelor who stood in front of her desk beaming excitedly like a toddler who had just being given a new toy. She did not really give him an excited look because she had a hint of what the news could be. As her fellow detective in her police department, he had a very irritating and annoying character of filling in her name in any case that he knew she could handle and then he would race in, more or less like burst into her office to give her the details that follows. She never really answers him on instances like that as she preferred going through the details of the case before finally concluding on whether to accept it or reject.

“You’re right Marvin”, She replied dryly as she closed the case note she was going through. “I have no idea. How could I? Not that I was there when you got the So called great news”.

“You’re really going to love this darling, believe you me or not, you’re going to thank me once this case is over”.He countered.

“Marvin”. She called rather becoming anxious of the news he had to tell. “Stop beating around the bush. Hit the nail on the head, I’ve got a lot of things to do”.

“Pardon me, darling. It keeps ringing in my head that you hate suspense”.

Emilia ushered him to sit as she focused her attention on him.

“So, what’s it? ”

“Well, ” he started. “A new hit -and -run case just came up. Harry didn’t have to think twice before agreeing with me that you’re the best for this case. I mean just looking at other incidents of hit -and -run cases you’ve handled, you were always successful, So we have decided to count this case on you ”

“Marvin,” She called in a tone that he really disliked. It was either ‘why did you decide on something behind my back’ or ‘you know I have my plans’ or she might probably stand up and yell at him to get out of her office although she had never done that before.

To his surprise, she just continued having a normal conversation with him.

“You know I’m still working on Poppy’s case and I can’t just abandon it for another case”.

“There you go Emilia”. He replied like he wasn’t scared of what she wanted to say seconds ago. “The case you’re handling isn’t your responsibility, you know”.

“Yeah”, She replied dryly. “But you know so well how much Mandy wants to get to the root of this case and now that She’s not here, I have to bear it up for her.”

Looking smitten, Marvin knew she was right. It would be hard for her to let go of that case since she was helping her friend with it.

“How long will it last?” He asked.

“Well, if everything goes Well with Poppy’s condition, then i’m sure we’ll round up in nothing less than two weeks ”

“Two weeks!” He exclaimed. “Emilia, I really don’t know how to say this, But the truth is you might have to abandon Poppy’s case”.

Emilia gave him a long stern gaze. He was really serious about the new case. Telling her to abandon the case she was working on for the new one baffled her especially the fact that he knew she was helping Mandy with it. He had made her curious enough to sigh in defeat.

“Fine! Fill me in with the details” she replied finally after few seconds.

“That’s the spirit man! That’s what I’m talking about. I’m So much in love with you darling.” he exclaimed happily as he opened the case note he had been holding since he entered her office. “First, I’ll transfer the case you’re handling to Harry to see if he knows someone else who can handle it. Isn’t that a lot better than abandoning it and continuing later on? “He asked in a convincingly overcoming tone.

“Just go on.” She ordered bluntly.

“Very Well darling. It’s an abandoned hit -and -run case ”

“What?!” She exclaimed.

Filing in her name to handle an hit-and-run case when she was still handling a case was enough to make her angry But then handling an abandoned hit and run case was enough for her to tear him apart especially those abandoned for more than two years. She preferred working on fresh cases as it would be easy getting information. She wished she could just raise her voice at him to show How angry she was, But she could not, at least not to Marvin.

“For How many years?”

“Just five”. He replied rather too quickly.

Folding her hands, she scoffed. “Seriously? You want me to work on a five good years abandoned hit -and -run case and you of all people suggested that? You sure know me a lot better than Harry does, Marvin. ”

“Yeah I do, But be a little calm, darling “.

“Oh please! Cut me off some slacks, will you?” She raised her voice and after a few seconds, her anger betrayed her.”You know I really detest handling a case that has being abandoned for more than two years.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Especially hit -and -run cases.”

“Believe me, I know”

“Gracious God! For the love of Christ, Marvin, Why then did you chose me? What were you thinking of?”

“Listen Emilia, we had to chose you because you’re the best detective So far at handling hit and run cases and the family of the victim wants the culprit to be brought down to the law.”

“Oh really? After how many years? “She asked mockingly.

“Forget that darling. They’re very influential. The last case you handled made them decide to let us handle this case. Are you still not getting this, Emilia? Do you know what’s next in line for us after catching the culprit? ”

“How Am I supposed to know? ”

“Popularity! “He exclaimed. “Popularity, Emilia. Soon everyone in Greenfield is going to acknowledge our police department. I’m not saying we’re not popular But we could beat down those two other departments ahead of us. I’ve given the wife of the victim your full name and -”

“Wait….What?” She interrupted. “You’ve gone that far? Already? “She asked angrily rather than being surprised. “Marvin!”

“Take it easy, darling. Harry ordered me to do So.”

Sometimes she didn’t know what to do when it comes to cases like this. Marvin do sometimes go overboard, But she just can’t help getting angry. One moment she’ll give him an angry look and then the next second She’s back to normal. She somehow blamed herself for having a crush on him years back when she first met him But she was So happy that she didn’t tell him and he didn’t notice. One thing she liked about herself was that once she had a crush on someone and the person didn’t seem to notice, the crush dies down easily and she was very grateful for that one distinct thing.

One other irritating and annoying behaviour that she couldn’t make him stop was his use of ‘darling’…


To be continued…


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