The unicorn has lost its mobility

Threads of anguish and sorrow

The peoples bread

For the great warrior has answered

The call of the unseen

Clattering rack of the naturals erupting

The dead heralding the entry of the

Special one.



Oooohh,!!!! hmmmmm,!!! Whispering vocal varieties of elegy, for the great divide they saw.

The battle line drawn between the soul and fate..

Crowd cheering for it was a classic

Great mercenary fate was

With trappings of Non-chalancy in its quest for glorious doom.

Thrusting forward with reckless abandon.

It was one !!!!!!!,and over it was.

Shouts of the pacific, roaring of the

Animal king,

Faultings of mother earth.



Alas!!!!!!! Kupita kipenga malrovape

Emipo gekenta ese mavusenba nkosiyale buruuzemawe

MOHAMMED has fallen,

HERO downtrodden ,

But not forgotten


Yesss!!! It was clear like the rumbling  cloud,

For we are all passersby, with a time limit.

The greatest he muttered on reaching the crossroad,

Fate  beyond unknown

For the journey has just began.

Hahahahahah, Laughtering future

For the upright in the afterlife

Blind at your feat.


Rest in peace warrior!!!

Farewell unicorn!!

Adieu the special one!.



Tizzlenation(the periscope)


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