“Unhindered Goal Anthology”


Brain Behind Beauty



So! So! Funny and interesting

Can’t stop laughing

Young and Old

Make it their need

So!So! Funny

Applying trashes to get Beauty

Does everyone has Aesthetics?

Getting it by all means.


Come here and tell me

Speciality of the Artificial Beauty

Dabbling face when sweating

To avoid Make-up vanishing

Putting Destiny under Coven

To show and satisfy everyone.


Ayamatanga! in form

Your Precious hand has become

So! So! nauseating

Seeing someone bleaching

Applying Spirit to have Teddy

Alongside Goatee

Keeping Lips inside Blood and Oil

Contribute not to Beauty Call.


Be it as it may

Being Natural surpasses all prey

Be who you are

Stop trying to satisfy all power

Have it in mind

Fearfully and Wonderfully made.



Oyedokun Ibukun Stephen

WhatsApp 08079411072




Copyright 2016

“Unhindered Goal Anthology”


I know a Virgin


I know a Virgin!

Distinct from the so called ones

Charming in all appearances

Tempted with Temptation

Though, natural aesthetics

Millions fall like ripe fruits

Getting all attention.


I know a Virgin!

Being of dignity

Is it because of the virginity?

Aha! Decent in dressing

Never toy with personality

Some thought it’s ego entity

To depress, it keeps fading.


I know a Virgin!

Free from family accusations

Precious usage of youthful days

No evil thought, peradventure barren

Courtship is Pterodactyl flies

Lover jokes not with the feelings

The outlook gives the siren.


While I know a Mary

I also know a Virgin

Mary within

Jezebel outwardly

Unlike Jezebel within

Deceiving ignorant being

Showing maryic status globally.


Poet: Oyedokun Ibukun S.

More Poems @ hibikay literary soup

WhatsApp 08079411072,07067321913.



“Unhindered Goal Anthology”


Immorality: Our Capital

Oyedokun Ibukun S.



It starts from home


Not only practiced by the strong room


Notorious here and there


Capital of my Arena.


Can it be eradicated?

I doubt for its abound

How can we be great and gallant?

When no one is morally upright.

The mother of Corruption, Insurgency

and other members of the Family.


What do you expect?

When Conscience is lost

Those that didn’t fit a position

Appears due to corruption

Stop the Crown murderer

For we are all Practitioner.


We dine and dream in immorality

We socialize and sit under inequality

Immorality is Water

Flowing from family to pacesetter.

I pity my generation

No future prediction.



Poet: Oyedokun Ibukun S.

WhatsApp07067321913, 08079411072.


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