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Girls of Iddo

The heavens poured them on earth

But they refused to be poured

They were made with short legs

But they want it long

Girls of …


With beautiful and adornable faces

Were they made with the angels’ faces

Radiant and rolling eyes are theirs

All the perfection of beauty in them

Girls of …


Their legs are made of plastic

While they walk, their legs speak

But in the tongues of their legs

You’ll hear incomprehensible stammers

Seeing them walk, you’ll think

God “twerked” on the creation days

Girls of …


In their hearts are untenable pride

Piled up against their gods(men)

And with the beautiful mouths

They shatter a generation of kings

Girls of …


Tell them they’re not beautiful

And you’ll be better swallowed by

Crocodiles of poisoned mouths

A generation of powdered tongues  Girls of …


My mother speaks of them

She calls, “Girls of Nowadays”

Are girls of Iddo…


Men of Iddo

In the innocence of man

You’ll think they’re a little better

In the real sense of sapiens,

They’re a bunch of freaking

Hoodlums and griots


Men of …


Like their counterparts,

They were poured on the planet

But worse still,they failed

They’re a host of vagabonds

Touring the tiring road of life

Aimlessly and without a compass


Men of …


In their tattered trousers

They look like blinking bloody bees

And with the earthly pleasure

They fill their bans

With unprofitable treasures


Men of …


In their appearances

They sag away their lives

They parm away their lives

And in their purposelessness

They fail a bunch of generations


Men of …


Their purposes are those of pigs

And their aspirations are of peacocks

With little wealth they paint everywhere

And the merchandise of the wise

They manage not


Papa said of them, “their gains are chaff”

They’re the men of nowadays,

Men of Iddo.



A Nigerian poet, playwright and novelist who has much delight in poems that change the mind of individuals and who will always love to see people change their thinking about things pertaining to life and living

Name:Oyedele Olusegun I.

Pen name: Ogenie

DepartmenSchool: University of Ibadan

State of Origin: Oyo

Hobbies: writing poems, reading novels, playing and watching football and listening to foreign music.


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