Copyright 2016.
“Unhindered Goal Anthology”

My Doff to the Creative

Ko! Ko!! Ko!!!
Àgò onílé
Şé kí n wolé?
Àgò Àlejò
Şé kí n mabò pèlú ètò?
Mo kí tębí tará
Nítorí ìręlę l’oba ìwá.

Let’s give honour
To whom it dues for.
Shout out to sparky Solomons!
For it is remarkable to be sagacious.
Here is my decent doff to the head
Give me fame in this creativity field.

Brothers! This is my Salutation
From North to South; West to East
I shall have no cause to regret
Let the purpose of my vision
Be fulfilled without Lesion.
As no one is an Island of knowledge
I doff to the apogee privilege
So also my and coming generation.

Mo yíká òtún
Mo yíká òsì bí Aşo Ìborùn.
Ìdòbálę mi rè nílę.
Fìlà mi re lęgbę
Ęyin Aláálèyí
Ęję kó jú miíşe ní gbogbo wákàtí.

Poet: Oyedokun Ibukun S.
More Poems @ hibikay literary soup
WhatsApp 08079411072



A Nigeria Poet, playwright and prolific writer.

Having Wolé Şóyínkà as his role model, he is of the view to changing his country for better and the world as a whole.

He specializes in all the Genres of Literature and oeuvre as a whole.


Name: Oyedokun Ibukun S.

Pen name: Hibikay

Department: English Education

School: University of Ibadan ( Ilesa campus)

State of Origin: Osun

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing and playing football.


If you wish to be a writer, write. Only the educated are free.

A Poet and a Lunatic akins, they both speak in tongues





  1. Wow! Dis is astonishing, u made my mouth agape with D surprise on my face, hibikay,March on and reach on to d space beyond d sky, bcos thats ur careers abode.4rm PRINCEFAMOUS The Theatricality. CREATIVITY @ WORK ARTISTIC DIRECTOR

    Liked by 1 person

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