It is yours to Possess

The land is yours to Possess.

The land is yours to Possess.

This mountain is full of rough edges,
That valley is the home of thorns,
Those plains breed swampy pits,
This land’s got tall spiky walls.

Those questions are set in hell,
That lecturer is the devil himself,
People never pass that course,
This department makes a “First-class” in a decade.

This job is simply slavery,
That boss has no heart surely,
Those co-workers despise my faith,
The pay is nothing but peanuts.

This husband is never satisfied,
Those kids can be really frustrating,
That mother-in-law never minds her business,
This marriage is just not going to work.

That situation is just invincible,
This problem hasn’t got solutions,
Those trials really seem overwhelming,
This life is simply a bundle of difficulties.

But, Courage in He, that made all;
Faith in He who has done it once;
And firm Assurance in the power that’ll do it again,
Will make problems crumble like Jericho’s walls.

For this earth is yours to possess,
And you are able to overcome all trials.
Because He that lives in you,
Is greater than he that is in the world.

So, don’t for once entertain a doubt,
But still all fears and match on.
For the Lord shall fight for you,
And you shall hold your peace!

Numbers 13:30; 1John 4:4; Exodus 14:14

7:15pm; 20th May, 2016


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