You have come again…

You have come again!

You have come again!

Words with the Horny Knight

You have come again
In this nightly cold reign
To keep your knightly verve
And save your frigid blood.

When the sun was killing
I found thee not.
Your oath, you defied
When I gave you my thumb.

I am no more a full mass
Dancing to your falsetale
In your orgy of your needs
To steal the milk of the land.

See the land,
Green with famine
As you grow chubby
With the earth’s curses.

Your sophistry can’t
Undo the deed you did.
change is not chain.

#Songs of an African Knight#


A budding poet, essayist and novelist, Ojikutu, Shola is a student of the department of English, University of Ibadan. He believes in writing as a weapon for social engineering.
You can reach him through his email:


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