Please, Go Away…!

Please, Go Away!

Please, Go Away!

You herald your coming with mood good and gay
Even heat and tensions left in haste
And excitement wells up in me
In glowing anticipation of your coming

I have made the room warm and tidy
I have cleaned the rubbers and I’m eagerly waiting
I have slept and woke, and sat and stood
And gone again over my plans for you

Now you come and burst my bubbles
You left as soon as you arrived. And
Just as I was accepting the pains of your departure
I see you come once more, only to leave yet again

Rain! If you are going to fall, just fall
If not, stop disturbing my peace,
And my buckets and my plans
In fact, go away!

© @m estevo, 2016.

Stephen Obaniyi, Pen name: M Estevo, is an Afro-realist who believes in individual responsibility. Stephen is student of the Department of Communications and Language Arts, University of Ibadan. He loves to write poems and short stories.


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