I breathe; I feel
The fragrance of your love fills my nostrils
While the warmth of your smile envelopes me.

I sleep; I dream
I clutch my bedsheets longingly
While your presence stalks my dream.

I wake; I sigh
My eyes open to stare at your absence
As my heart squeezes tightly in despair.

I think; I speak
Your thoughts invade my mind
While your name slips on my tongue.

I sing; I dance
The tune of my passion for you fills my mouth
As your ringing laughter seduces my feet.

I walk; I run
The ghost of our past chases me
While the echoes of your voice stands in my way.

I realise; I know
That I have not gotten over you
That you are the missing piece of my puzzle.

I pray; I plead
That this nightmare be gone quick!
That the sun will shine on my tears.

…and I promise…Oh, I vow
That this time, I’ll walk on crystals
And follow the dove, by Jove!

4:50pm; 15-05-2016
Uncle’s house, Wakajaiye, Ibadan.

Poet’s Note: This is an expression of raw and real emotions.


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